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WARNING! You must be 18 or over to read these stories of rape and non-consensual sex. If you do not like such stories, please stop reading. This story is all fiction and no characters in it are meant to resemble any real person. gas x ultra strength directions If you do not understand the difference between reality and fantasy, read no more. Rape is a heinous crime and the penalty is many years in prison. The people who commit rape are despised everywhere. No one is being hurt, and this is pure fantasy.

She was wearing a short white strapless sundress. The sheer fabric was almost see-through in the bright sunlight and Connor could easily see the curvy outline of her body. She had removed her sandals and placed her bare feet up on the dashboard of the sports car. Her dress rode up on her thighs, showing off her fantastic, long tanned legs and just the smallest glimpse of her pink panties. Hayley looked back at him and smiled, showing off her perfect white teeth. Yes, she was indeed a goddess!

Besides being an absolute hottie, she was also a star athlete on the senior volleyball team and swim team. Her dad was the county judge and her family was loaded! The Maxwells were one of the oldest and richest families in Pine Valley. Her great-great grandfather had pretty well founded the town. Hayley’s dad was also campaigning to become a state senator.

They had started dating just a couple weeks before the school football team was due to play in the state football championship. He and Hayley hadn’t done anything serious except for a bit of heavy petting and a couple blowjobs. Which had been awesome in their own right! She told him she was a virgin and she wanted to have sex but she wanted to wait until just the right time.

And true to her word, Hayley had let him take her virginity later that night. Connor could have won the Super Bowl and still not been as excited as he was when he slid her panties down off her legs in the back of his father’s Escalade and slowly pushed himself inside her for the very first time. It had been heaven! They had fucked like animals in heat that night. Both of them had had a lot of pent-up sexual energy to let loose, and let loose they did!

Hayley’s family owned a large lake cabin at Lake Wannamee, a popular summer resort area about an hour and a half from Pine Valley. She had asked her dad if she could have some friends out to the cabin for the weekend to celebrate the end of school. He had complied. However, what Hayley’s dad didn’t know was that the only people going to the cabin were Hayley and Connor!

The one closest to him was a man probably in his early to mid 30s. He wore a beat-up baseball cap and had a scruffy moustache. He was wearing a shirt with the arms cut off. The one in the middle, trying to look past the other fellow, was a little younger. Connor figured maybe in his mid 20s. e85 gas stations colorado He wore no hat and had his hair cut very short in a brush cut. He had a large bulbous nose and a fat face that reminded Connor of a pig.

Hayley opened the passenger side door and stepped out. As she walked away towards the rear of the building, the old man stared, his eyes roving up and down her taut, athletic body in her short dress. Connor gave the old man a look of disdain. You old redneck pervert, he thought. Hayley’s young enough to be your granddaughter! Connor was certain he could see a bulge forming under the old man’s coveralls.

Myron was a little shorter than Cyrus, standing about 5’ 10” and also looked to be in his early to mid-30s. He was a little taller than Hayley, who was 5’ 8’. Myron was skinnier, very muscular and wiry. He had very piercing blue eyes and a moustache that curled down over his top lip, along with several days’ worth of stubble. He wore the tattered baseball cap Hayley had seen him in earlier along with a pair of blue jeans and a button-up western shirt. It was unbuttoned almost to his waist. He had a large belt buckle that read, ‘Kenworth Trucks.’

He was wearing no hat and his hair was in a military-style brush-cut. He had dull, grey eyes and a large indentation in his forehead that looked like part of his skull had once been pushed in. His face also sported several days’ worth of stubble and he had a large bulbous, almost pig-like nose. He wore bib coveralls similar to Cyrus’ except he had a white t-shirt underneath his. Hayley noted it appeared to have the remains of several meals smeared on it. He had a spacey, unfocussed stare that reminded Hayley of someone who was mentally disabled.

A feeling of sick fear washed over him as he suddenly saw Hayley on her knees on the ground. A large man was holding her by the hair and twisting her arm behind her back. Another man was standing in front of her. He appeared to be pulling down the zipper on his pants. Hayley saw Connor out of the corner of her eye and screamed again. Her eyes were wild with terror and he could see the tears running down her cheeks.

The officer strode toward the men. He was an older man, in his late 50s. electricity in human body wiki He stood around 5’ 10” and like the guy at the gas pump, had an ample gut. A product of too many burgers and pieces of pie at the local diner. He had thick white hair poking out from beneath a white cowboy hat and a pock-marked face. He was chewing on a toothpick. The badge on the front of his uniform read, ‘Sheriff.’

The Mustang convertible sped down the scenic road on its way to Lake Wannamee. Tall, stately pine, spruce and fir trees lined the sides of the winding road. Occasionally, there would be a break in the trees and the sparkling blue lake could be seen off to their left. electricity news in nigeria The sun was hanging low over the mountains on the horizon as evening approached.

The cabin sat on a high bluff overlooking the lake. A winding path made its way down the hillside to a long wooden pier. Connor came up the wide driveway, sprawling lawns and flowerbeds on either side of them, and parked in front of the cabin. He chuckled to himself how the Maxwells called this a ‘cabin’. To anyone else, this was a bloody mansion!

Hayley was powerless to stop the repulsive man as he hooked his fingers on her bottom lip and forced her mouth open. With his other hand he began to guide the slimy head of his cock between her lips. She recoiled from the taste of his sweaty unwashed penis. Myron grabbed big handfuls of her long silky blonde hair and rammed his hips forward, his cock hitting against the back of her throat.

Wrapping her hair tightly in his fists like handles, he began to smash his cock in and out of her mouth. He would pull back out, then drive it in again. Hayley choked and gagged as Myron tried to push the head of his cock into her throat as far as he could with every thrust. His balls slapped against her chin. Her face turned red as she fought for air. Tears and slobber ran down her face.

She was extremely tight and dry and Cyrus was only able to drive in about halfway. He pulled back and slammed his hips ahead again. Hayley let out another agonized scream, but this time he felt the walls of her pussy reluctantly spread apart and he sunk his cock, all nine and a half inches, into her to the hilt. He looked down with a satisfied smile as he saw the lips of her vagina stretched tight around his girth.

Cyrus looked down, admiring Hayley’s long blonde hair bunched around her shoulders and across her face, her silky tanned skin, her round, smooth breasts and her taut, flat stomach. x men electricity mutant Cyrus pushed her golden tanned thighs farther apart as he lay more of his weight onto her. He ripped and tore at the rest of her dress, pulling it free of her body.

Cyrus grabbed her wrists and pinned them down above her head. He began to drive in and out of her like a madman, shoving her body across the bearskin rug. The powerful muscles in his thighs and buttocks rippled and sweat beaded on his forehead from the exertion as he mercilessly ploughed his cock in and out of her cunt. He revelled in the sensation of tightness, her vaginal muscles contracting around his thick shaft as he spread her wide apart.

Cyrus left the house and went out to the garage. He came back in a few minutes with some lengths of rope and a roll of duct tape he had found. Hayley was carried upstairs to where the bedrooms were and Cyrus threw her down on a bed. Using the ropes he fastened her wrists to the headboard. Then pulling her legs together, he bound her ankles with duct tape.

Cyrus climbed onto the bed, grabbed one of her ankles and pulled her back towards him. Hayley twisted her body and dug her hands into the bedspread, dragging it along with her. Cyrus flipped her over onto her back. She tried to clamp her legs together but Cyrus grabbed her by the knees and wrenched her legs wide apart, pushing his heavy body between them. Hayley felt his rock-hard erection brush across her stomach.

Underneath him, Hayley felt as though she was ready to pass out. His heavy body pinning her down to the bed made it hard for her to breathe and her entire body shook with the impact of him driving in and out of her. It felt as though he was literally trying to drive his cock right through her body into the bed below. She was absolutely revolted at the sensation of his hairy, sweaty body pressed tight against hers. The odour of his unwashed body filled her nostrils and slobber from his mouth dribbled down onto her cheek.

Cyrus thought about Eugene as he watched him. His little brother Eugene had lived a very hard life and it was always good to see him happy. Eugene had lived a fairly normal life at one time. As normal as life could ever be around Bear Creek. Eugene had never really known his mother. She had died when Eugene was just four years old. With their father gone away a lot of the time and drunk when he was home, Cyrus and Myron had pretty well been responsible for raising the young Eugene.

Then at the age of six, he suffered a horrific farm accident. He was kicked in the head by a horse and the impact of the kick caved in a section of his skull. He was in a deep coma for nearly six months while doctors tried to reconstruct the fractured section of his skull. Cyrus remembered the doctor telling his dad Eugene would likely not survive.

For that reason, Eugene’s father always seemed to resent Eugene. static electricity human body causes He called him “his retard son” and the “family fuck-up“. He was very cruel to Eugene. He would come home in drunken rages and beat him mercilessly, taking all his life’s frustrations out on the poor boy. Cyrus, sometimes fearing for his little brother’s life, would have to intervene. As a result, he became very protective of Eugene.

A very disturbing aspect of Eugene’s personality as he got older was his deviant sexual behaviour. The first incident happened when Eugene was only thirteen. A neighbour complained that “Screwed-up-Gene” (that was what all the neighbours called him because of his mental disabilities) had tried to rape his daughter who was the same age as Eugene.

Sheriff Webber didn’t believe Cyrus and Myron were exactly the very best role models for Eugene to be growing up around. They themselves had a bad reputation in the area and were believed to be responsible for several rapes that had occurred around Bear Creek. Sheriff Webber did his best to protect Eugene but he knew it couldn’t last forever.

Finally, with his sentence completed they had to let him go on statutory release. Even though he had completed a mandatory sexual offender therapy program, the parole board still felt he was a high-risk repeat offender. But their hands were tied. 1 unit electricity price india By state law, they could not keep him in prison, he had fulfilled the conditions of his sentence. He was, however, given 2 years probation. He now had 4 months left on his probation.

He almost felt sorry for Hayley as he watched Eugene lay into her. Eugene had Hayley on her hands and knees as he pumped in and out of her cunt. His pale skin and fat ripples were in sharp contrast to the slender teenage girl with the smooth tanned skin. He had her gripped around the slender waist with one arm, pulling her back against him. With his other hand he had Hayley by the hair and was yanking her head back.

Hayley took both of her hands and wrapped them around the thick base of his penis. Slowly sliding her hands up and down on the shaft, she began to run her tongue in small circles around the purple head. She moved down the shaft, licking along the underside, going from the head all the way down to the base and then back up again. Running her tongue around the head again, she brushed her lips ever so lightly against it, just enough so he could feel it.

Hayley tightened her lips around the head, sucking on it as her tongue moved around in little circles. Then slowly, she began to take more of the giant penis into her mouth. It tasted awful! She would take an inch or so, then stop and move her head up and down on it. Then allowing her jaw muscles to relax, she would move her mouth another inch or two.

Spurt after spurt of hot cum splashed down her throat, as Myron’s body shook and his hips bucked. She held her mouth firmly on Myron’s dick as she swallowed frantically to keep it all down. Gobs of cum oozed out down her chin. As his climax began to dissipate, Hayley slowly brought her head up, running her tongue along the shaft and licking the head clean. She collapsed, her head lying on Myron’s thigh as she desperately tried to catch her breath.