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I reviewed my extended plan and went to Hempstead Ford 850 gas block where I purchased the car and spoke with the service manager. She spoke with the parts manager who verified all the parts needed for the repair were covered under the extended service plan. The Hempstead Ford parts manager personally contacted Smithtown Ford and advised them of this. Smithtown decided to honor the cheapest gas in texas warranty but stated that the spark plugs were not covered and charged me $376.28 for labor to change the spark plugs and $25.68 for the plugs plus tax.

When Smithtown thought I was not covered under the extended service plan they gas in dogs symptoms quoted me a price of $1024 for the repair which included labor. Now that I am covered under the warranty and not paying for the installation of electrical components I am charged $376.28 for putting in 6 spark plugs. The Ford PremiumCARE protection plan which is 100% backed by the Ford Motor Company with service provided by Ford and Lincoln dealerships in the US, Canada j gastrointest surg and Mexico. Why is it not honored in Smithtown?

A few days after bringing it home, it started leaking again. I’m now being told by Brewster Ford that Corporate is having me bring it back a 5th time! Initially, the Regional Customer Service Management Team in Melbourne, FL had reached out to me to keep me apprised of the progress. Four team members contacted me at various times all claiming to be my Regional Customer Service Manager. Heather **, Alicia **, Janeisha ** and Michele **. Now, after gaslighting examples this 4th failed repair, they’ve all gone MIA. They do not answer their phone and they are not returning emails.

The car had 17,300 miles when it was gasbuddy login first brought into the dealership and my understanding of the lemon law was that if the dealership and manufacturer were made aware of the problem before it hit 18,000 miles, that I’d be covered under New York Lemon Law gas efficient suv 2010. In addition, Brewster Ford and Corporate were notified of this problem within 24 months of my purchasing it. However, according to Heather **, she said their internal review board said that since not every repair was under the 18,000 mile mark, I had no case. However, the 4th repair was under 18,000 at 17,995, but the dealer entered the wrong mileage. I don’t know if that was an oversight or intentional, but I sent Ford photos electricity song of the odometer that I had taken the morning I dropped it off showing 17,995 miles, but Ford Corporate has been unresponsive.

If you look at Ford’s five-year stock history, they’ve steadily been declining in value and it’s no wonder. Ford Corporate Customer gas x strips directions Service is absolutely awful. Brewster Ford is not much better. I will never buy another Ford again and I encourage people reading this to please rethink your decision to buy a Ford. Ford does not stand by their vehicles. This has been a nightmare dealing with Corporate and the dealership. They really just don’t care. As for me, I’m now waiting on Brewster Ford to let me know when they’ll have a tech available to look at my vehicle for a 5th time. I’m now working on filing a complaint with the New York Attorney General’s office to enter arbitration with electricity terms and definitions Ford. What a hassle. FORD – never again.