Ford performance mustang aluminum driveshaft – 28 spline m-4602-g (79-95 5.0l; 94-04 v6) – free shipping u gas station near me


Hey, everybody, I’m Justin with, here with my quick review of the 28 Spline Ford Racing One-Piece Aluminum Driveshaft, fitting all ’79 and ’95 5.0 L Mustangs and all ’94 to ’04 V6 Mustangs. The Ford Racing Aluminum Driveshaft would be a solid upgrade to any Fox Body or SN95 owner out there who is looking for a strong, lightweight, and affordable option from a trusted name like Ford Racing.

This option might be for the owners out there who is suffering from some driveline vibrations and need an affordable fix or maybe for some owners out there who plan on subjecting his or her ride to some abuse at the drag strip, where the factory steel driveshaft can oftentimes be a weak link when paired with a sticky tire.

Again, guys, this is Ford Racing’s 28 Spline option. Again, it will fit the early 5.0 L V8s and all SN95 V6 Mustangs equipped with a T5, C4, or Tremec transmission. Essentially, guys, this is going to be a factory replacement for you here. Now, I do want to point out also that this driveshaft is compatible with both seven and a half and 8.8-inch rear ends.

Now, one of the big benefits when making the switch to a lightweight aluminum driveshaft here, like the Ford Racing option, is the overall weight savings. Now, the Ford Racing option is going to be constructed from a high-quality T6 6061 aluminum, and besides being much stronger than that factory driveshaft, is also going to be far lighter.

In fact, guys, the Ford Racing option is going to weigh in around the 13 or 14-pound range, as opposed to the heavy steel option, which is going to weigh in around 19 or 20 pounds. So this is a 6 to 7-pound weight savings or over 25%, which might not seem like a big deal to some of you guys, but you have to keep in mind this is rotational mass, big difference than just shedding dead weight from the car.

Since the engine doesn’t have to work as hard to spin the lighter driveshaft, it’s going to be a little bit more efficient. So, overall, the car should rev a little quicker, should pull through the gears a little bit faster as well, and overall, you might even notice an improvement in your sixty-foot times, maybe even a tenth or two off of your quarter-mile time. So we do know that the Ford Racing option will be lighter than your factory driveshaft, and we know there’s going to be some benefits along with that, but that’s only one part of the equation here.

This thing is also going to be a little bit stronger than that factory steel driveshaft, thanks, again, to that T6 6061 aluminum construction and the three and a half inch diameter seamless, too. Along with that T6 construction, the Ford Racing option is also packing some pretty burly 1330 U-joints here, which can sometimes be the weak spot with the factory driveshaft, definitely shouldn’t be a concern here with the Ford racing option.

Another big benefit when using the Ford Racing aluminum option here is the reduction in driveline vibrations that I see a lot of Fox Body or SN95 owners complain about here on the site. Now, with that factory steel driveshaft, sometimes it can become unbalanced or even slightly twisted, which does cause some driveline vibrations that do increase with speed. Now, by making the switch to this Ford Racing option, most, if not all, owners report back with great results and no more vibrations.

Another benefit with going with an aluminum driveshaft from Ford Racing is the reduction in driveline vibrations that I see a lot of Fox owners or SN95 owners complain about here on the site. Now, what happens is a lot of times that factory steel driveshaft can be slightly unbalanced or even slightly twisted, which does cause some pretty nasty vibrations that do increase with speed. Now, when using this driveshaft or making the switch to this driveshaft, most, if not all, owners I see report back with great results and no more vibrations.

But, perhaps, one of the best things about this particular driveshaft is the price. To get a brand new, well-built, one-piece aluminum driveshaft from a name like Ford Racing for around $300 is pretty solid overall and will be your most affordable option here on the site.

Installing a new driveshaft for your Fox Body or SN95 is a pretty straightforward task overall, but, of course, all of your work is done underneath the car, so just make sure you have your jack and jack stands ready to go, race ramps or a lift if you have access to one. You’re really only going to need some basic hand tools here, guys, including a 12 mm wrench, torque wrench is always a good idea, of course, and finally some blue Loctite for those driveshaft bolts.

Now, to remove that factory driveshaft, you’re really only going to remove the 4 12 mm bolts then get the new guy in place here. So, again, very straightforward stuff, pretty easy task overall. It should only take you about a couple of hours in the shop or garage, and so for that reason alone, we’ll call this one a one out of three wrenches on my overall scale of difficulty.

Just a quick heads up here on fitment, guys, this driveshaft will also work with all ’96 to ’04 automatic V6 Mustangs as long as the factory yoke is removed and reused with the new Ford Racing driveshaft. The one-piece Ford Racing Aluminum Driveshaft is going to be a solid upgrade for your street or strip Mustang, and here’s why. The strength and weight savings benefits are a huge improvement over your factory steel driveshaft, and the price is going to be very hard to beat. So be sure to check out a driveshaft option for your ride right here at

Less Weight, More Power. Ford Racing‘s Light Weight Aluminum Driveshaft for 1979 through 1995 5.0L and 1994 through 2004 V6 Mustang’s is designed to reduce stress on your car by reducing the rotating mass of your drive train. Less weight means better power transfer allowing you to put more horse power to the ground. Superior Construction. Constructed of light-weight, high-strength seamless 3.5" diameter aluminum tubing. Ford Racing’s Light Weight Aluminum Driveshaft is built to last and is the perfect replacement for your street or strip car. Specifications. This Ford Racing drive shaft is made from lightweight aluminum and features a 28 spline that is compatibility with 7.5" or 8.8" Differentials. Application. The Ford Racing drive shaft fits 1979-1995 5.0L Mustang’s with T-5/SROD/C-4/A0D Transmission,

Technical Note. This driveshaft will also fit 1996-2004 Automatic Transmission V6 Mustangs if the factory yoke is removed and reused. The yoke is located on the end of the driveshaft attaching it to the transmission with two spring clips and a pressure fitting. Special tools maybe required for removal.