Ford performance mustang true dual exhaust m-5230-v6 (05-09 v6) – free shipping world j gastrointest surg impact factor


Before purchasing a dual exhaust kit for my 2006 v6 I did a lot of research over the span of many months. I knew that converting to duals on a v6 does not always sound the best. I was looking for a setup that would maintain/amplify the muscle car deep sounding idle and sound while driving. I wanted a louder exhaust than stock, but not too loud. This exhaust kit gave me all of that. It is deep and slightly louder than stock at idle, very quiet when you want to be, but sounds amazing when you put the pedal to the floor. The dual exhaust tips sticking out from the rear bumper completely amps up the look of the rear, much more aggressive. The install took around 5 hours with the proper tools, without a lift. There are a few things I wish were different. At around 1900 RPMs, there is a very noticeable drone. Only at this specific RPM. It was not a problem at first but I now commute about 1.5 hours round trip every day to school, and this drone is most noticeable in 5th gear at 60 mph, which is the speed I am often driving at when there is daily commute congestion. It is easily fixed by shifting to 4th gear. I’m sure this occurs with other v6 dual exhaust conversion kits, especially the cheaper kits I have read that the drone is terrible. Compared to those, I am sure it is not bad. If you don’t do much highway driving, it should not be a problem. Other than that, money well spent. If you are looking for loud sound over quality, look elsewhere. The quality of the pipes was top notch and it is worth spending the extra money to not have poor quality parts bolted to your car.

I was researching for a very long time about the proper exhaust to get for my beautiful car.. This is my first Mustang so naturally I want everything to be absolutely perfect. I only use the best oil, power steering fluid, wiper blades etc. Anyways, I researched a long time about other exhaust systems that can make your single stage into a dual exhaust… But upon reading and inspection I learned that only a true dual system will give you the true bang for you buck that you’re looking for.. You could lose horsepower or spend all that money for just the look of a "true dual" system, however.. After having these Ford Racing pipes installed and driving them over the course of the last 3 months… You can definitely feel a tremendous difference aside from your single stage system. When I drive now i definitely feel a tension loss in my gas pedal, sounds weird but I can feel my car actually releasing the power it wants to release now and of course you can always make your car more powerful, faster etc but this is a huge difference, the exhaust sounds amazing and isn’t so loud it’s obnoxious, creates just a slight bit more cabin volume and definitely lets you feel where your money went when you drive it.. I’ve rambled on quite a bit but basically what i’m trying to say is, if you’re looking for a true dual exhaust system and want something that’s just perfect, get this.. Totally worth the money! Oh and you will hear a big difference in your cars aggression once you press on the gas! It gives it a much more racing fast throaty tone!