Ford’s future plans in north america – page 4 – rccrawler electricity merit badge pamphlet


Have you considered the Chevrolet SS? Though it’s been discontinued and kinda a unicorn vehicle, it cuts loose with 415 unicorns, 4-door, 6-speed. The comparable vehicle for testing at the time, around 2015, was a 15 year old BMW M5 that’s of about the same size. I do believe they were made in Australia and imported here (kinda like the mid-aughts GTO) from Holden (the company that still makes fast UTEs!. Its 6.2 LS3 certainly wouldn’t mind some power adders and it’s driving modes have an exhaust dump! I still think America NEEDS UTE’s!

The RWD beast is certainly outta my payment range (even used!) though it sounds like what every big family dad as yourself yearns for. Of course you could have a Charger but than getting one in a stick besides a Hellcat is few and far between, besides you DO want to be DIFFERENT don’t you? I do see quite a few Chargers in my area. An SS? I have a better chance of seeing a GT-R screaming down the beltway.

I’ll stick with my daily 4 banger Accord with its lovely 25+ mpg while wifey still enjoys her XJ, but she too wants a Pilot like so many others better half’s here do it sounds like. But why!? It’s still going to be bad on gas and it’s transaxle awd is worthless besides maybe the occasional snow. As far as Fords situation/plan goes, good on them, it’s all about the money anyway right? The new RS Focus I hear is having major engine issues where it’s going through headgaskets like hot cakes due to a cooling design flaw behind the cylinder walls.

All this talk has made me think back on my life, and I’ve come to the conclusion that for those that want a compact, sporty car, the late 80’s early 90’s were the best time to be a car person. We were too young to have muscle cars, that ship had sailed, but every manufacturer pretty much had a sporty version of their every day car, that was attainable by pretty much anybody.

While I’m not a fan of high HP FWD cars, it pangs me that there really aren’t any options out there anymore. I mean hell, look at that list, granted it’s a vast mix of FWD, RWD and various price points; but my point is everyone had something to choose from that was somewhat sporty and could be had in a manual transmission. And some of those cars were a good bit quicker than you’d think, like the Z24 Cavaliers. I’ll never forget riding in one in high school for the first time, and my buddy barking 4th gear on dry pavement going straight ahead. It handled weird, but that car was quick, and had enough power to be fun and was reasonably priced. So even though I won’t be lining up for a Focus ST, I give Ford a ton of credit for still offering us something at least. Hell, I went looking and it seems Dodge doesn’t even make a small car anymore, Chevy makes nothing sporty at all unless it’s a Camaro with a turbo 4 banger in a huge heavy car. Really? Mazda killed off the RX series, and kept the Miata, and having owned two RX7s, I’m still scratching me head over that one. I know what killed off some of these cars at the end of the day, but we didn’t get anything to replace them though, and that sucks.

You’re only real choices these days also start at around $30k, and go way up from there. An STI is now a $40k + car, and there’s now way in hell I’d pay that for one. Even the BRZ is over $30k nicely equipped, and that’s retarded, there’s isn’t $30k worth of car there, I don’t care how great it is on a twisty backroad. Same with the Miata, the hardtop starts at $32k, WTF?

now shifting gears a bit (see what i did there?), HPIGUY nailed it. the 90’s was THE hayday for car enthusiasts. it never was as good as, and never will be again, as good as the 90’s. cars were just… CARS. they didn‘t have wifi, they didn‘t call for help upon impact, they didn‘t TURN OFF RECIRC DURING DEFROST (seriously WTF) and automatic was a costly option. don’t even get me started on these ECU’s that act as a tattlebox, with GPS even! hackers cant lock my brakes if i’m driving something from the 90’s or earlier.

don’t get me wrong, i am a chevy guy at heart, my father in law once owned one of those mid-aught GTO’s made by holden with Pontiac badges on them. car was awesome and i begged him to get it in manual incase he needed to sell it i would be right there with cash in hand. (he got the auto and sure enough had to sell it, i gave him a big old serving of told ya so)

i liked it so much i even looked into the Pontiac G8, the older brother of the SS, again shipped to USA from holden. you can get them in manual but cost just as much as the SS if not more due to its limited run and resulting "collectability". (its zeta II chassis even paved the way for the return of the modern Camaro… yes i know my stuff lol)