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Needs to be a 3/4T or bigger, it needs to tow my buggy on trailer (8k) and trailer can crack into 12-14k from time to time. I’ve pulled 8k with a half ton on flat ground, won’t do it in the mountains. The F150, Tundra (and the Nissan) aren’t enough truck. Silverado 2500 will do it, I’m just not sure I’m over my GM aversion yet. Last two (3500 series Chevys) I owned got engines under warranty, last one cost GM more in warranty than I paid for the truck. Warranty’s nice to keep the pain of paying for it down, but a truck that spends that much of its life in the shop is a problem even when the shop time is "free".

A couple of my coworkers are Chevy to the core, and they have nice trucks. Awful lot of parts in the front end though, crotchety me is liking the simplicity of a straight axle. Other smaller but grinding and unresolvable issues (dash brightness would be a recent one) that I find on GM rental cars aren’t helping GM’s case. Yes, I know, rental cars are not trucks, but they’re the same electronic management across the line.

You can blame union trash for most of that. And people like you becoming religious Japanese car buyers not even bothering to look at the new tech or models the domestics have put out. How many Toyota owners do you know that actually gave a Ford or GM an honest look?

This. There are more F-150s driving around this town than anything else. Doesn’t matter if it’s a Ford, Ram, Chevy, or Toyota, the only ones actually carrying anything are service and company trucks. They are big, capable cars to most people.

Pirate also thinks it knows what Americans actually want to buy. Hate to say it folks, but we’re just one little group of opinions in the grand scale of automotive buyers. What gets us going, is useless to the majority of the population who buy cars based on gadgets and family friendliness. They don’t give a fuck what’s under the hood, or even if it comes with a spare tire.

I have no delusion that I’m not in the minority. I want a Mustang platform based 4 door with good looks and a 5.0/manual option. Ford won’t make it, because people who get paid a whole lot more than me know the metrics and how to best invest the development money. It flat out wouldn’t sell like another SUV would.

The only two Ford vehicles I’d buy right now, and not because I think the entire lineup is trash, are F series and the Mustang. That’s just all I’d be interested in driving, since I think SUVs and front wheel drive in general are lame. Holding out judgement on the Bronco, but it’ll probably suck.

My 90 Bronco rattled and squeaked, and generally felt flexy, whereas my 2000 Super Duty, even with another 60" of wheelbase it was just as tight when I sold it with 250k on it as when I got it with 60k. And the new ones are even better in the NVH department. My current 1500 Ram is super comfortable, and so far I’ve only had to do regular maintenance and replace the cc switch (warrantied).

I think Ford is making a good decision. If they have to get back into the car business, they can, they’ll have all the drive train parts already. But if the cars are not making a profit, why make them. That how it is in my business too, all you other guys can have the shitty projects with no profit margins, and wear out your mfg machinery to make 3%…go right ahead.