Ford tractor 12 volt conversion wiring diagrams electricity basics


This page links directly to all of my 6 volt and 12 volt wiring diagrams. There are specific diagrams for the Ford-Ferguson 9N, 2N, Ford 8N, 53 Jubilee, and Ford 601,801,901 tractors. The information on this site is also useful for many other 12 volt conversions. There are no gimmicks or come-ons here, I have nothing to sell. If you feel the urge to donate, leave a little extra to the Salvation Army or your favorite charity. I will add wiring diagrams for other vehicles as time permits, or as people send me diagrams (hint). Sorry, I cannot publish any material that may be copyrighted without permission of the original author or copyright holder.

This is my most popular web page, so it is frequently updated, based on feedback and questions I get. Hopefully, that means the information is getting clearer and easier to understand. I believe this format, with links to each set of diagrams, provides access to the correct diagram much faster.

This is a direct link to more free wiring diagrams published on the ntractorclub web site. Wait for it…. This links to a large PDF file with all of the diagrams in one file. Yes, it is worth the wait. Please, look around while you are on the N Tractor Club web site. The How-To’s and Manuals sections are loaded with great information. I enjoy responding to messages about tractors, but you will get faster answers, from more people, if you search the archives, and ask questions on the N Tractor Club forums. I’m not on-line 24-7 but some of those guys seem to be. There is also a very remote possibility that I may not be 100% correct, 100% of the time, GRIN.

For many years there has been one serious error in most of the "store-bought" tractor conversions. For some inexplicable reason, many of the "professional" conversions were being wired so that the ammeter no longer measured current flow in and out of the battery! They were connecting the ammeter so it could only measure alternator output. I can think of no reason why they would make that change, since it makes the ammeter almost useless. All of the better conversion kits and diagrams should have corrected this error by now. ARE YOU SURE YOU WANT TO CONVERT?

There are some good reasons to convert your tractor to 12 volts, but there are at least as many reasons for keeping the original 6 volt system. If you have already decided that a 12 volt conversion is the right decision for your tractor, and are positive that you are capable of doing the work properly yourself, please skip this link.

HOWEVER, I must warn you that based on my observations and experiences the original 6 volt system is usually less complicated, more durable, and cheaper to maintain than any 12 volt conversion. If your are the least bit unsure of your reasons for wanting to go with a 12 volt system, please review the additional information I have provided on the 6 volt vs 12 volt decision HERE.

The diagrams show the BEST way that I have found to convert your 6 Volt, Positive Ground, N-Series Tractor to 12 Volts, Negative Ground. If you are interested in some less-common conversions, I have provided examples of some Other Conversions.>