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This vehicle has been parked. I don’t dare drive it any longer. In fact, I had left it at a family home in NY for a few months, came back to get it, and I don’t dare drive it back. It won’t make it with that frame and the band aid that they want to put on the axle. And I can’t afford to buy another car, so I am stranded right now. If Ford would have taken the thing back with the last recall, I could have had something different. But now, if they do a puny couple thousand dollar buyback, I’m just electricity for beginners pdf as screwed as I am now.

To be honest, I’m at the point where Ford needs to take this thing back (and it has some other problems now, but I was told between axle recall and subframe, it isn’t worth fixing), and let me get the used vehicle of my choice! This last axle recall put me over the top. Ford has basically told me, by this, that I was still driving an unsafe van, and that it should have been take back by Ford when they were taking them back. And with the subframe?

I really don’t want to have to go to an attorney on this. I don’t want to sue electricity meme for huge sums or go to court. But I do want Ford to do right by me. With the first axle recall, I would have accepted a buyback, but for some reason, it was decided not to do so, and now, I am screwed. (As bad as the frame rot is, I’m sure they should have seen that at the time as well.) I depend on my vehicle and right now, I don’t have one… one that is safe anyway. Even friends wouldn’t ride in it. And I’d like to go back home soon! Too bad your CEO didn’t have the nerve to respond to my direct emails. Guess I will contact Mr. Ford himself next gas vs diesel engine.

Oh… and this is the first vehicle I have ever owned that has rusted out like it was made of an old tin can, the first vehicle I have owned that will NOT hit 100,000 miles and the first vehicle that I can’t even wash because the paint falls off! And the inside can be like a light show. Lights go on and off, van can lock itself, windows sometimes don electricity quiz grade 9’t close, cruise control quit years ago and ALL these problems, I find, are typical of the Windstar. Thanks Ford but I have a feeling this complaint won’t mean anything either. Just as letters and Twitter posts haven’t. If I could give negative stars on this, I would!

When you get up to speed it seems to run not as rough but when you have to stop and start it runs rough again. Since then have noticed tons of articles on web, not seen prior to purchase other than o2 sensors, about problems with vehicle. Just haven’t come across this problem as yet. I am older person on Federal electricity explained disability (CPD) so $$ is definitely an issue. I don’t have any form of pension fund to draw from to fix these problems all the time as they continue to crop up.

Should have stayed with older vehicle that didn’t look as nice or newer than what I’ve had in the past. Haven’t had it in to a Ford Dealer as yet. Feel it’s important to say that, it’s just that they charge exuberant prices and that’s why. So, I guess if anyone has any inkling as to what this rough running could be I’d appreciate an answer, and pray it’s not a new motor or an expensive fix. I am afraid the whole van will come to a screeching halt on me one day in the middle of the road. I had thought it may be the driveshaft but then found that on a fwd they k electric jobs use what’s called a transaxle so that is what I’ll be checking out on the web next.

Then I was told I had to have a Motorcraft starter. It had one recently installed when I purchased it. It was the first to fail. I then call the Ford dealerships and talked to service Managers and mechanics who didn’t know what to say. Now 10 or more starters later, no one knows what’s wrong. I then learned that Ford started installing this 5.4 engine in 1997 through gas city indiana police department 2000 and has had nothing but problems with it. So why keep putting it in vehicles?

Oh, I plan to solve my problem by getting it to start like it did when I purchased it and then getting rid of everything Ford in my drive. Even if problems haven’t started yet with the other products. When I purchase another vehicle, it won’t be Ford, GM and definitely not Chrysler!!! Of the 3, they are by far the worse. I went to foreign cars some years ago and never had any major problems at all. They ran 100 gas vs 10 ethanol for many years and very high millage. Yes, the foreign car manufacturers did put their money where their mouth was with their warranties.

Why did I come back to American? I felt guilty because of all the family members who at the gasbuddy map time worked for one of the American auto manufacturers. It’s a move I should have never made. I’ve given them their final opportunity. I’m sorry but I’m about having the best for my hard-earned money and right now, it’s not the American cars. I hate to say that too. Greed and an unwillingness to listen to its customers has caused them to make a substandard product and have a great falling away of customers. I’m not the only one who feels this way. Many of my friends feel the same way and they too feel bad that they cannot put any confidence into what’s made here at home.

I remember when back in the 70’s and early 80’s the foreign car manufacturers electricity magnetism and electromagnetism were the butt end of every joke. Look now who’s the joke. What a difference a few years, blew up egos, and management greed has made. Yes, I am upset, angry and disappointed. I did own a few American made old school cars a few years ago. Now these were cars with style and class. I’ve said enough. Now it’s time for me to search the net for a nice, dependable FOREIGN car!

On February 4, I went to the auction place in Harvey to purchase a car (2003 Ford Windstar). I even ask question and read the information they give you so I decided electricity off to buy a van. I didn’t drive it until the 7th. I was in the highway with my kids in the car. When the car keep going sideways, I decided to get out the first exit and try to make it home. Almost halfway home, I heard a breaking sound that made my van go sideways almost flipping. I decided to slowly press the brakes and stop the car without harming my babies. When I got out the car, I noticed the car back axle had broken in half which had made the tires go on one side. I had to call a flat towed truck to come and take the car to a shop. At the shop, they told me we were lucky nothing bad happen to us because there’s been a lot of accidents with e 87 gasoline this vans. And that the van was a recall car and it’s not suppose to be sold by law because it can cause an accident. I’ve been calling the auction place to get a refund but they keep putting me on hold or hanging up. They are still selling these vans at this auction place. A lot of people could really get hurt.