Fort school board hears update on new strategic plan news gas mask ark


These local experts, she noted, are Mark Haubenschild, president/CEO of Spacesaver Corporation; Rochelle Mitchell, vice president-marketing director at PremierBank; Kory Knickrehm, vice president of sales at mkCellular; Marissa Weidenfeller, marketing director at Fort Community Credit Union; Nicole Leibman, marketing physics c electricity and magnetism manager, Fort HealthCare; Kristin Baird, president/CEO of Baird Group; Brian Bosch, Fort Atkinson High School Business Education teacher; Deilee Calvert, owner, Calee Street Marketing; Nathan Daniels, FAHS Business Education teacher; Mariah Hadler, company store sales and marketing manager at Jones Market; John Landowski, Digital Marketing director, Custom Creative; Robyn Newcomb, vice president of Strategic Initiatives, FCCU; Jason Demerath and Jennifer Walden.

Action plans to develop and implement a comprehensive public relations plan, the district administrator said, involve: Defining district objectives and goals for public relations efforts; researching public relations models and the impact of those models used by other school districts; engaging public relations professionals in the community to advise district planning; determining a best-value approach to a comprehensive public relations strategy.

“So, this bold step team has defined objectives and goals for public relations, researched award-winning public relations models and the impact of those gas jobs crna models used by other school districts, and have engaged public relations professionals in the community to advise the district’s planning,” Brown said. “The administration will study these recommendations to inform future planning in this bold step area.”

• Next, she focused on developing a plan to engage and involve parents and community. So far, she said, school officials have: Provided professional development for the administrative team on the Department of Public Instruction’s vision for Family k electric jobs 2015 Engagement and federal ESSA (Every Student Succeeds Act) requirements; selected a model based on research by Dr. Steven Constantino for the district to utilize to align to best practice; and shared a resource with principals with more than 100 ideas to build strong relationships with families and community.

“The family engagement bold step area has had a busy stretch since the last board of education update,” Brown said. “(Luther Elementary School Principal) Mr. (Dave) Geiger and (Director of Instruction) Amy Oakley la gas prices 2016 completed the research phase of the project by reviewing all of the DPI-released family engagement resources and expectations for districts under the new federal ESSA.

“The team has chosen the Compassion Resilience Toolkit which focuses on teacher resilience and compassion,” Brown shared. “Teacher resilience is a relatively recent area of investigation which provides a way of understanding what enables teachers to persist in the face of challenges and offers a complementary perspective to studies of stress, burnout and attrition.”

“Some of the areas highlighted in our district that you might recognize is the Luther Innovation Lab down the hall,” Brown remarked. “The Innovation Lab helps inspire students to learn through doing; to uncover talents, interests and passions by making, solving, collaborating, thinking, creating, failing and trying again. The lab incorporates science, technology, engineering, art electricity font generator and mathematics, or STEAM.”

“Overall, the innovation bold step team has embraced the first action plan of understanding innovative practices already within the School District of Fort Atkinson, highlighting those, and invited others to share their innovative practices,” Brown said. “They now are moving forward to the second action plan and will take into account the community input from the design gas x strips review team last spring.”

“While much of this work is in the early stages of development, and the process is new, the impact of the bold steps are accelerating us toward creating a district of greater distinction,” Brown concluded, acknowledging the administrators who tirelessly have championed the bold steps. “We are excited about the progress made and know that this work has a high impact on the learners in the School District of Fort Atkinson.”

• Accept the donation of a 2002 Ford Focus to High School Skills USA from John Riley; towing service from Klement Towing; monetary donation for the middle school rollerblading fees from the Optimist Club; monetary donation to replace two playground structures at Purdy Elementary School from the Fort gas city indiana post office Atkinson Community Foundation and Purdy PTO; monetary donation to purchase archery club T-shirts from Hunt-N-Gear; and winter gear for Purdy Elementary students from Trinity Lutheran Church.