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Yes. I’m having a blast, actually. gas in back symptoms Obviously it depends on the day and many things that are beyond my control in the moment. It’s how you react, right? And I’m just doing my best, even if my best is lying in bed for an extra hour this morning instead of exercising. I’m not eating great but I’m certainly eating better. Really got to push myself because my skin, nails and hair are showing my poor diet of the past few months. But I’m happy. electricity word search puzzle I’m very very happy. This was the right move for me.

So, let me tell you a little more about what’s going on. Mere hours after I wrote the last post, I replied to an ad for a least take over, went to see it the next morning and signed the papers shortly after. It is a little place that had every single thing on my criteria – except one thing that changed when it became more than a concept. (I wanted to live in a high rise, but every one I could afford reminded me of the building where Jeff grew up and I could not bring myself to live that life.) As it turns out, I’m on the second floor but I have a balcony and it’s almost the same as I was paying before and utilities are included but gas is extra so I’ll break even and I’m earning a little more than I was. My parking spot is near the door, there is a side door that is quick and easy access to my apartment, it is clean and I feel safe. I’m so excited that I can get a dog but that will come in due time. hp gas online booking And, most importantly, my sister and niece and nephew are only an hour away. That is becoming my new normal, and it is so nice.

The boy situation is pretty hilarious. I miss Jeff most of all, oddly enough. It is a constant effort to not seek him out and follow his progress – I guess because it makes me want to help and I really like to help. gas in oil causes I texted with Gord on Monday to update him, I miss him, he misses me; he said he was sorry that I didn’t find exactly what I wanted but I don’t feel that way at all. And maybe that is our disconnect. I ended up staying with Luc both nights of my training and it was nice and fun and romantic and a good end. A few days later we brought my stuff here and he stayed for the weekend and it felt different. I stopped finding reasons to like him and saw the things I didn’t like.

The same kind of thing happened in the span of an hour yesterday with this guy I was crushing on and it made me more aware of how I do that. gas kansas I’m going to these dementia education seminars, which run for six Wednesdays. During the first session I noticed this guy who seemed to be the organizer look at me in a way that… attracted me, I guess. He was cute and seemed nice and seemed to think the same about me maybe. I was really looking forward to seeing him again, I made a plan to introduce myself in the beginning, I brought cookies from work for him and all of the staff in his office, I thought I might even go so far as to invite him out to coffee to see if knowing each other would be mutually beneficial.

He walked up to me with his hand out stretched the moment he saw me walk in. It seemed as if he was waiting for me, I was flattered and, of course, turned on the charm. The thing started and as I watched him I was thinking about climbing on him and oh what fun we would have. During the presentation, however, he was giving an example of a situation and, long story short, the woman he is living with is named Tina. So, picture me sitting in this room full of people, watching him give this presentation and thinking of all the nice things I would tell him to support him and make him feel good in an attempt to seduce him. gas in michigan He makes a comment about his girlfriend (about him being alarmed when he came home and she wasn’t there, no less) and I started seeing his flaws. Not in a bitchy way, but I guess in a self-appeasing, supportive ‘he ain’t so great, girlfriend!’ kind of way. electrical supply company near me I laughed when I realized how quickly I had switched from action to distraction, and then realized it was the same thing that happened with Luc this weekend – except it played out in 18 months instead of 18 minutes.

This has all played out many, many, many times before. And it’s kind of interesting to see it from a different perspective now. My favourite part, though, was that I shrugged my shoulders and handed out the cookies as planned, and today I emailed to invite him for coffee to see if knowing each other would turn out to be mutually beneficial. Because why not and who knows? We have intersecting jobs, I’m looking to make connections, he will be looking for a new job in January, maybe we can help each other in some way. We don’t have to have sex, we can just be people.