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What might be a work of art, or is possibly what nightmares are made of, is the fountain outside the Leaky Cauldron. Large, gaudy and rather obnoxious gas pains or contractions, it is most definitely a centerpoint of the area. Built of crumbling stone, the fountain is tall and contains three tiers. Starting at the bottom, the fountain has a three-foot high wall. In the center and serving as a support beam is a water serpent that rises from the pool and to the very top. Winged cherubs with wicked looks in their eyes hang off the serpent and dragons peer from around his gas number climbing body. If it feels like the dragons and cherubs are watching you, it’s because they probably are. One cherub has been missing his head for centuries. Cherubs and dragons alike spit water in many directions, sometimes at different intervals, creating a beautiful display when sunlight catches the dancing water.

However, the fountain is not merely a great sight. Perhaps it is haunted, or maybe cursed, for the fountain has a tendency to spit water at people. Those e payment electricity bill up who loiter too long may find their faces wet. Try to sit down on the edge without dropping a coin and you may find yourself doused with water. However – do not try to outsmart the fountain. Dropping muggle money won’t buy you any time. On the contrary, those who drop muggle coins will find themselves pelted with coins.

Anahera gracefully (sort of) dropped her bag before returning the hug Kamryn was giving her. Hiiii. What a nice surprise gas oil mix ratio chart! I’m here a lot. It’s boring at home so I come here. There’s usually something going on. She pulled back a little to smile at her friend. It’s so good to see you. While it hadn’t even been that long since the start of the summer holidays, when you were used to seeing people every single day for most of the year, a few weeks felt like an eternity.

Following the other girl’s gaze, Anahera nodded quickly as she picked up the bag again. Yes, let’s go sit down. She started electricity electricity lyrics walking over to a bench near them, eyes falling on the house elf as well. That was…not something she was used to seeing around here. Wait…is that k gas cylinder one of the school’s house elves? She squinted against the sun a little but couldn’t be entirely sure. Kam smiled warmly as Anahera spoke. “Ohhh, you should come over to my house sometime! It’s kinda quiet with just me at home now, ” She said softly as she looked at her friend, the summer had indeed been quiet, but she sort of enjoyed it. She was liking baking by herself and reading and hanging out with Cam and not having the rush of being gas efficient cars 2010 at school and always having homework and issues.

Okay, so maybe Bear was always reading instead of talking to people. So what? Books are nice! He liked books! And it’s not that he didn’t have an interest in women (because boy oh boy, he sure did), but dating had just never been too high up on his priority list. Sure, he’d had a couple of girlfriends at Hogwarts, and a somewhat serious one through university, but he had never felt like he really needed to be in a relationship. (Come to think of it, that attitude was probably why his college girlfriend had dumped him…) Once gas house edwards co he and Rachel had broken up, he hadn’t gone looking for someone to take her place. That was six years ago, and he’d been pretty happy since then, actually.

So. Why had he shown up to this date when clearly this wasn’t his idea and he wasn’t particularly looking for a relationship? Well, because he wasn’t a jerk, that’s why. He didn electricity for beginners’t want to stand someone up who was genuinely trying to find love. That just seemed mean. And who knew, maybe he actually would hit it off with this Laila girl. As long as she didn’t mind a bit of nerdiness, at least they’d get along as friends if nothing else, he was sure.

It was a bit chilly, and he pulled his coat tighter around himself as he made his way to the designated spot — a pop-up skating rink. (Which frankly made him kind of nervous.) His hands y gasset were shoved deep in the pockets of his black coat, and a gray beanie sat atop his dark hair. He wondered briefly if he should have worn something other than jeans, thinking that when he inevitably fell on the ice, they would end up getting wet, and wet jeans were electricity 2015 the worst feeling ever. But anyway, too late now.

There was only one person around when he got there, so he figured it had to be her. She was pretty. That was a plus. He wasn’t totally convinced that any pretty people would need a matchmaker, you know? ”Hey,” he threw up a hand to wave as he approached. ”Laila? I’m Bear. Nice to meet you.” He extended a hand to shake hers, realizing too late that it would probably feel like she was shaking a popsicle. Oops. Oh well gas 4 weeks pregnant. ”Just to warn you… I’m an absolutely awful ice skater. Truly horrendous. Maybe the worst you’ve ever seen.” A smile crossed his face, letting her know that he was just kidding. Or at least half kidding…