Four days in new york gas near me now


The first stop for flights was Skyscanner. We knew we wanted to go in November (avoiding Thanksgiving) and we wanted to stay for about four nights. electric utility companies in arizona Skyscanner is brilliant at showing you the different flight options and prices. After some searching we booked direct with Virgin Atlantic. gas number They weren’t the cheapest but they are a good airline, good times and free drinks on board!

The outbound flight was operated by Delta so as we had not booked directly with them it was a little tricky to get hold of them to sort out things like special meals (Sam is gluten free). In the end I had to contact them via Twitter (tried email and phone first) to get them to reply to me about the meal booking. I have to say that the Twitter team was brilliant and sorted it straight away. Once on board the meals caused us another issue. The main meal was fine but they ‘lost’ her breakfast. electricity questions and answers pdf To apologise they asked for her email to send her a £20 voucher. Not sure she has seen it yet or what she will use it for… Maybe her next flight with Delta.

Inbound flight was all good. On time, meals all worked out fine and we made it back ahead of time. The only thing that made Sam and I a little ‘concerned’ was the girl in the cabin crew team who was telling the people in front of us how hungover she was before she had been out the night before drinking with the pilots! Great for her as apparently, they bought all the drinks – not so great for us having hungover pilots…! Maybe she wants to consider the audience more…

On arrival to the hotel we were thrilled as it looked gorgeous. gas monkey monster truck hellcat Amazing location and cool looking reception area. Then we checked in! At this point we were told that wifi and international calls were $29 per room per night. electricity lesson plans for 5th grade We declined but we were then told is was compulsory… So we used all the wifi we could but why was this not listed at booking…?

The next issue was breakfast. It was not what we had expected. la gastronomia The breakfast offering was a coffee or a tea with either a muffin or a bagel. Now this was ok for me – but not great for gluten free Sam. When we asked about it, they told us we should have researched the hotel a little better and it was what is was! Therefore, we always had breakfast out.

The planning for this trip started out well but then we opened the wine. We would get together to plan what we would do but instead we would drink wine and chat. So it was a little last minute. 1940 gas station photos We wrote a list of all the things we 100% wanted to do and then plotted them on google maps. After that we could split it into days. We decided to buy a five day New York pass from Attractions Direct as it gave us access to all the things we wanted to do and a hell of a lot more ( The price was £182 each. We used the pass every day! I will highlight in the day by day write up what was covered by the pass.

After check in we had a quick power nap and shower before heading out into Times Square. It really doesn’t disappoint, and it was exactly how I imagined it to be. It was dark out by the time we got there but it feels like daytime due to all the light and I swear you can feel some heat coming off all those bulbs. We took about hundred selfies and then headed to a bar! We quickly worked out that the posh bars were not for us and liked an Irish bar. electricity for dummies amazon And New York has lots of them! Over a glass or two of wine we plotted out our plan for the next day. Dinner that night was at Bubba Gump’s in Times Square. It was touristy and over-priced but we loved it!!