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KEY LARGO — Four candidates are vying for two open seats on the board of the Key Largo Wastewater Treatment District. Gas natural fenosa With Election Day on Nov. M gasol 8 quickly approaching, they offered the Free Press their views on which issues they would tackle, and how, if they became a member of the five-commissioner board.

“I am running so that I might complete the goals I set four years ago: 1) to lower rates for residents and businesses by reducing our debt; 2) to improve odor control; and 3) to ensure that the board and staff are serving the ratepayers,” he said.

Sue Heim, a retired insurance professional, devotes her time to community activism and has attended wastewater board meetings for years. Gas hydrates are used If elected to be a commissioner, she said she wants to maintain cost control and efficient operations, and eliminate debt to reduce rates.

“I would also like to pursue alternative energy options to offset the district’s huge electricity bill, and investigate reclaimed water possibilities. Gas prices going up to 5 dollars Also [I want to] continue to seek outside funding opportunities,” she said.

Gary Bauman is a commercial-property real estate agent who has sat on the board before, from 2002 to 2008, when the wastewater district and its central sewer system was first being established. Electricity lesson plans year 6 If he is elected, he said he would like to focus on the district’s procedures for three issues: hurricane preparedness, maintenance of vacuum pits and lift stations, and customer service.

Dennis Caltagirone, a retired school teacher and secretary of Key Largo Rotary Club, has four goals that he’d like to accomplish if he becomes a commissioner: debt reduction, decreased rates, efficient company operation and proactive system maintenance.

A much-discussed topic in district board meetings this past year has been how much control the commissioners should have over the general manager; for example, should the board approve the salaries that General Manager Paul Christian decides to give the senior staff?

“Items such as senior staff salaries would be at the manager’s discretion and would have to fall within the approved line item in the budget,” Caltagirone said. Electricity edison “If the general manager gives pause to the board and they lose confidence in his decision-making ability, appropriate action should follow. Thitima electricity sound effect If the organization is prospering, operating efficiently, meeting budget guidelines and customer service is excellent, the manager deserves positive acknowledgement. Electricity jokes riddles The board should always avoid micro management.”

“We have established salary guidelines for senior staff to which the general manager must adhere,” he said. Gas vs electric stove cost “But no one is in a better position to evaluate the performances and potential of staff than the GM who works with them day in and day out. Eon gas card top up Furthermore, if senior staff members worked for the board, which board member would they work for?”

“Of equal concern is the potential of one or more commissioners with more time and energy and personal interest to take control of the district,” he said

“That is the heart of the current issue between the board and GM. Hp gas online booking hyderabad The board is not a rubber stamp for the GM/staff. Was electricity invented during the industrial revolution KLWTD is a fully operational utility, not a ship at sea,” she said. Shale gas in spanish “The board is responsible for all aspects of the district operations, including ensuring that staff salaries are appropriate within industry and job scale standards.”

Bauman didn’t split any hairs when discussing what the board oversees. Gas tax in texas He said the five commissioners have “complete and total control” of all district business including salaries.

“The board represents the ratepayers, that is to say the Key Largo property owners,” he said. J gastroenterol “They own the district. Z gas guatemala To give up any control to staff is a disservice to Key Largo citizens.”

The four candidates acknowledged that the infrastructure of the wastewater collections system needs maintenance as it ages. Gas pain They offered thoughts on how the district would pay for this without further burdening ratepayers.

“The county and district have an [interlocal agreement] which brings money to the district,” Heim said. O goshi judo “Also, other financial resources are available via federal/state grants, or [the board could pursue] other county funds, any of which if secured could offset KLWTD utility expenses. Electricity units of measurement But let’s not forget any other sources of revenue (coming to the KLWTD utility) still originate in the taxpayers wallet, regardless of the name of the organization providing the funds.”

“Back in the 2002-04 timeline, the board decided to develop a vacuum system rather than a gravity system for a variety of reasons,” Bauman said. Gas after eating bread “We also knew that vacuum systems required considerable maintenance, and so we had the vendors and engineers estimate those time frames and costs. Gas x strips after gastric sleeve We included those costs into the rates and put them aside for when they were needed. Gas mask drawing Those maintenance accounts are still in place and will be tapped as required. Electricity projects for class 12 No effect will be felt by ratepayers.”

“Capital expenditures are winding down considerably and that money can be budgeted for upkeep of the system,” he said. Gas laws worksheet with answers “The district also maintains a substantial reserve fund for unforeseen calamities. Gas pain in shoulder Constant inspection of various systems and equipment is very important.”