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I booked a 6-day car rental in Sicily, Italy in December 2018. When I booked on I thought I would be renting with Fox Rent A Car. However, in the fine print during the online booking process it said the vehicle provider would actually be “Sicily By Car”, which is an “affiliate” of Fox Rent A Car gas news of manipur. In reality Fox Rent A Car just passes the business off to these unethical foreign car rental companies who have extremely poor customer service reputations, which is clearly evident from all the negative online reviews. Additionally, Fox Rent A Car has absolutely no concern and no regard for the customer’s well-being, or the poor q mart gas station treatment provided to customers by these foreign car rental companies. Fox Rent A Car is only concerned with the commission they receive for referring electricity quiz ks3 a customer to the foreign affiliate.

When I picked up my rental car from Sicily by Car at the airport in Palermo, Sicily, I immediately noticed that the front right tire had low air pressure, plus the low tire pressure light was on in the car. Before leaving the airport I got out of the car and found someone who worked for Sicily by Car in the parking lot. I asked her to come look at the tire and tire current electricity examples pressure light in the car. Instead, she declined to come over to my car and told me everything is fine and I can drive away. Taking her advice was a poor costly decision, as I had no idea I would be the victim of a fraudulent charge six days later when I would drop the car off at the airport in Catania, Sicily.

When I dropped off the car at the airport in Catania, Sicily, the employee for Sicily By Car examined the car and then accused me of replacing the front right tire because it was a different model from the other three tires. This was the same tire I had asked for assistance with when I picked hp gas online refill booking status up the car in Palermo. At the time I dropped the car off I explained to the employee that I had an issue with the front right tire when I picked up the car, and had requested help, but was denied assistance. I was asked to provide a written explanation of the events whereby the manager would review it and get back to me in a week with a decision on whether I would be charged for replacing hair electricity dance moms the tire, despite the fact that I never replaced the tire gas oil ratio calculator. I realized that Sicily by Car knew I would be returning to the U.S., which would allow them to make a false accusation and I would have no recourse to rebut the fraudulent charge.

When I returned to the U.S. I immediately called Fox Rent a Car to issue a complaint and seek help against this fraudulent charge by Sicily by Car. Instead, Fox Rent A Car told electricity dance moms me that they couldn’t help me because it was a Sicily by Car issue and they would not have any information concerning my car reservation. After talking to Fox Rent A Car person for 20 minutes about my poor experience, she said to email her all my Sicily By Car drop off paperwork information, along with an explanation of events. She told me that Fox Rent a Car has a relationship manager that deals with these foreign car rental affiliates.

More than a week after I emailed Fox Rent A Car with my paperwork and information, I received an email from Sicily by Car notifying me that I was responsible for paying to replace a tire that I never replaced while the car was in my possession nyc electricity cost per kwh. Shortly after receiving the email from Sicily by Car, I received an email from gas news in hindi Fox Rent A Car repeating what Sicily by Car had already told me. Despite the numerous negative reviews regarding Sicily by Car, and my explanation of events, Fox Rent A Car will not believe you and will not help you when all the facts and human logic are in your favor. Instead, they just say “We cannot override any decision made by an affiliate”.

At the time you pick up the rental car, Sicily by Car will hold a $340 que gases componen el aire deposit on your credit card. At the time I dropped off the car and was accused of replacing the tire, Sicily by Car told me the cost of one tire would be $237. Not only was I fraudulently charged for a tire I never replaced, Sicily by Car kept my entire $340 deposit as evidenced on my credit card. I have emailed Sicily by Car three times (once a week) requesting a copy of the invoice for the tire replacement, so I can dispute the fraudulent charge with my credit card company, but Sicily by Car is purposely ignoring all my emails.

I don’t want other honest ethical customers to make the same mistake I did by renting power outage houston today a car with Fox Rent A Car just because they have the electricity facts lowest price. Spend a little more money and rent with a reputable ethical car rental company that actually believes their customers, and puts the customer first. If anyone would like to see my rental car paperwork/emails as proof of my situation please let me know and I will be happy to provide it. Fox Rent A Car and Sicily by Car do not deserve your business.