Fpt industrial shows innovative natural gas engine concept for heavy-duty vehicles at tech day 2018 devir saati electricity physics problems


The Brand is a leader in the Natural Gas segment, with more than 40,000 Natural Gas (NG) engines sold worldwide in the last 20 years. gas works park Taking advantage of its experience, FPT Industrial started the Cursor 13 NG EVO R&D project with the aim to develop a highly innovative direct injection system for the next generation of Heavy-Duty Natural Gas engines. gas after eating bread It is a user-friendly 100% Natural Gas mono-fuel engine, not requiring Diesel nor Urea refill systems. electricity austin Moreover, it adopts a simple after treatment, a 3-way catalyst without DPF, SCR and EGR.

The new positive ignition NG engine can improve brake thermal efficiency, increase torque and rated power, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, have all improved by 10% when compared to the NG baseline engine. During tests, the FPT Industrial engine reached a performance of 370 kW @ 1,900 rpm and 2,200 Nm @ 1,000 rpm. gas in oil tank The fuel consumption also proved to be well below the target of 200g/kWh in a large area of the engine’s operating map. gas vs electric water heater Overall, the Cursor 13 NG EVO can reach an efficiency of 41%.

The Cursor 13 NG EVO concept integrates different components to achieve these results and is supported by state-of-the-art simulation tools for hardware selection and optimization, as well as a single cylinder engine for testing and calibration. pictures electricity pylons Among the main features, the concept has a specific cylinder head featuring a pent-roof combustion chamber with tumble intake ports, designed for optimal positive-ignition combustion; a fuel direct injection system, which brings advantages such as higher specific engine power output and better and more flexible control of fuel mixture. electricity news philippines The latter results in an overall emission reduction during transient operations, contributing to better fuel economy. a level physics electricity questions and answers Moreover, the Cursor 13 NG EVO components include a high-pressure cooled EGR circuit, which helps reduce throttling losses at partial load; and a Variable Valve Timing system, that uses camphaser technology to achieve the best phasing conditions, volumetric efficiency and turbulence level in every operating condition, thus reducing fuel consumption. FPT Industrial On-Road Natural Gas portfolio

Natural Gas is the most sustainable solution that is immediately viable and cost-effective. Gas engines have a competitive Total Cost of Ownership and low pump cost, while also delivering all the advantages of traditional thermal engines, including reliability. Natural Gas can also lead the industry to a green future, since methane can be generated as a renewable fuel by recycling organic waste, reducing CO2 emissions nearly to zero.

All FPT Industrial Natural Gas engines use stoichiometric combustion to generate their power. The company has more than 20 years of experience with this technology, which has proved to be a viable and cost-efficient solution to comply with the Euro VI emission standards. Also, for more flexibility, each engine from the FPT Industrial NG portfolio can run on CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) and LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas), starting from “ methane number” 70, as well as biomethane.

The engine’s CO2 emission level is 9% lower than that of Diesel and can reach almost zero with biomethane. Cursor 13 NG allows a 98% Particulate Matter reduction and 48% lower NOx emissions when compared to Euro VI Diesel engines. Moreover, the engine provides fuel cost savings of 30%-40% compared to the Cursor 460 hp Diesel engine for long haul applications.