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We are Free claim services are basically brought up to provide the services to the people those are in need and below poverty level, our company started dealing into energy and Eco sector from 2013 to provide the energy renewable and tried to help down the carbon emission and also the people those are in need of social and legal help. After dealing with this sector for long 5 years, we get to know there are many people those of the knowledge of getting benefitted throw the schemes from different kind of sources and other legal help, so here in Free Claim Services we have come with the helping hand for all the need of legal claim and need of renewable energy scheme so that under one roof the common like us can get benefitted without any hesitation for all of the below services

If you found any problem with your boiler or you are not happy with your boiler product then you need to claim the free boiler replacement scheme. We can arrange for a local, approved company to contact you to complete the installation. We are here to help you to drop down your energy billing as well as to drop down the carbon emission. We also can help you to install a boiler on zero down payments and a minimum of £20 per month with 10 years of guaranty, no matter how old is your home and how big and small it is.

If cavity wall insulation has damaged your property and you suffered from a serious health problem which helps you to store the heat within the wall by maintaining the heat inside wall keeps you warm it also works vice-versa in summer days by keeping your home cooler. Cavity wall insulation will not only help you to decrease energy bills by saving energy lost through walls and also it will reduce carbon footprint. So, you do not need to worry we are here help you to save energy as well by keeping your home cooler and hotter.

In our company, we provide services if there is a problem with your cavity wall for example brickwork, cause damp, loosen wall ties, and rot any woodwork. Due to an unintended consequence of the cavity wall insulation, you may be sustained from a common injury like fungal infections, Sickness, Asthma, Infections etc. No need to visit Cavity Insulation Guarantee Agency (CIGA). We are here to provide free service only people like you.

When a financial product comes out in a market it is hard to trust or to start something there must be a great risk or cost. Sometimes this trust may be misused by an advisor. We have been helping hundreds of people claim back money on miss-sold products as well as compensation payouts.

Suffered from injury, our company provides free claim services for compensations. We provide services like a physical injury, disease or illness, psychological injury or illness. If an accident happens at work making a complaint, compensation claims management companies etc.

If you had suffered from holiday illness then it is not your fault you can file personal injury compensation claim. Our team helps you with holiday sickness compensation. Our holiday sickness plan comes up with the hassle-free procedure, Free to Enquire, Without Obligation only for you. We know that holiday’s abroad which can be expensive that’s why we come up with the holiday sickness compensation for you with free of cost service. We make sure that you will get compensation and also we ensure that you are happy with our services.

Was your flight delay, canceled or not providing proper services?? Want compensation as quickly as possible is a top priority for many travelers. This doesn’t make up for the costs associated with missed family vacations or business trip. If airline services not giving you help. We will deal with the airline, and you get your compensation. IVA (Individual voluntary arrangement):-

The individual voluntary arrangement is a formal agreement with your creditors to pay all or part of your debts. If you visit debt management company for an Individual voluntary arrangement. A debt management company is likely to be more expensive. No need for a contractual arrangement with creditors it is totally free of cost service.

We designed payment protection insurance in such a way that which cover the monthly repayments of your loan or credit card. Our services provide policies like Personal Loan Protection Plan, Term life insurance, PPI claim Manchester, PPI reclaim calculator, Cardholder Repayment Plan, Mortgage Repayment Protection UK and Small Business Loan Protection. Right policy means you will be able to meet your payments if something goes wrong. You can connect with us about your complaint.