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CompTIA Security+ certification is one of the best certifications in the field of security. This is a vendor neutral certification which enables the applicants to get jobs form a number of leading vendors in the world. CompTIA Security+ certification will endow the candidates with the skills required to manage and eliminated the security risks related with networks. This certification is of a technical level and will deal with a number of advanced level topics. Considering that security management is termed as one of the fastest growing professions, this certification will turn out to be of great value and worth.

All those people who want to pursue their careers in the amazing field of security management must do this certification. However, it is recommended that the candidate holds at least a 2-year experience in an IT field related to security. Those people who want to specialize in the field of security management must obtain this certification as this will turn out to be their initial step in this regard. In fact, this certification is also quite admired by many government organizations. Hence, those people who wish to work in US department of defense and related organizations as a security specialist must do this certification.

There are a lot of benefits associated with this certification. Considering that this is a vendor-neutral certification, candidates doing this certification will be able to get jobs in great organizations. These people will have the opportunity to pursue jobs as security consultants, security managers, security engineers and technicians. These jobs will also provide the candidates with high wages and salaries. The average wage of an individual who does this certification is greater than $50000. In addition to financial benefits, this certification will also develop the profile of the applicants and let them stand out from the crowd.

Just like most CompTIA certifications, this certification also comes with a multiple-choice exam. This exam will assess that how well the candidates have absorbed the concepts endowed to them during the certification. This exam is usually referred to as CompTIA Security+ Exam. In order to clear this exam, the candidate must have in depth concepts.

There are a number of prerequisite skills which the candidate must acquire before opting for this certification. First of all, the candidate is recommended to hold at least a 2-year experience in the prestigious field of Information Technology with a special focus on security. Furthermore, the candidate should also have basic knowledge regarding security management before opting for this certification. Moreover, it is highly advised that the candidate must take training with an authorize CompTIA Security+ trainer for this certification. Most importantly, the candidate must clear the associated exam in order to acquire this certification.

There are a number of topics which are included in this exam which cater to the aspect of security management. The candidate must focus on all of these topics in order to score well in the exam. Listed below are the main topics which are included in the exam and which the candidate should concentrate on. The weightages assigned to each topic are also mentioned below.

The weightages assigned to each topic demonstrate the number of questions which each topic will have in the exam. In this regard, it is important to work hard on topics with higher percentage weights. In this regard, the most important topic is the topic regarding the general concept of security. However, there are also a number of subtopics which are included in this exam and they should also be dealt in detail. Further details regarding the exam topics can be found on the official website of CompTIA.

As far as the structure of this exam is concerned, the exam will comprise of multiple-choice questions as well as performance based questions. The total duration of this exam is 90 minutes in which the candidate must complete the exam. The maximum number of questions in this exam would be 90. A minimum of 750 out of 900 marks are required to clear this exam.

Security management is one of the fastest growing professions in the field of Information Technology. This certification is the first step towards a bright career of professional security management. Those people who this certification have got great benefits in store for them.