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ISC Certification is also referred to as Certified Information Systems Security Professional. The primary purpose of this certification is to enrich the knowledge and skills of the candidates by training them to be advanced security professionals. The CISSP certification caters to an advanced level and is intended for highly professional individuals. Those who acquire this certification would be able to define the design, architecture and management that ensure the security of an environment. In fact, it is the first certification in this domain that meets the requirements set by ISO/IEC Standard 17024.

This certification is intended for those professionals who have a working experience of at least 5 years in any of the specialized fields of security management and maintenance. This is because CISSP is a very advanced certification and will require a considerable amount of skills and knowledge by the candidate. However, it is important to note that once this certification has been acquired, it will take the candidates to great heights as a security professional. Thus, all those who wish to certify their skills and take it to a whole new level must do this certification.

This certification comes with substantial benefits for those applicants who do it. This certification increases the credibility of the candidates to a great extent and helps them excel in the job market. This certification will let the candidates gain a competitive advantage and stand out from the crowd. Those who acquire this certification could be entitled for job positions as Security consultants, security analysts, security managers, security architects, IT managers etc. This long list profession shows the great scope of this certification. In fact this certification will let you get high-salary jobs with one of the best vendors in the world. The average salary for people holding CISSP certification is greater than $100000.

There is primarily one exam which is affiliated with this certification. This exam is of a very technical level and will check the skills of the candidates in depth. This exam is commonly referred to as the ISC CISSP Exam. Clearing this exam is subject to getting a high score which only a candidate with in-depth concepts can get. There are over 10 main topics included in this exam dealing with a wide range of topics in the field of IT security.

This certification comes with a long list of prerequisites which the candidates must acquire. Most importantly, the applicant should hold an experience of at least 5 years in two of the topics which form the base of the CISSP certification. This experience is essential as the certification demands the skills which the candidate will gain during this experience. However, if a candidate holds a 4-year bachelor’s degree in the field of IT security, then he could also be applicable for this certification. In addition to this, the candidate must take appropriate training and clear the exam associated with this certification.

This exam will cater to 10 topics which the candidate will learn during the course of this certification. It is important to study all of these topics in depth in order to become capable enough to clear this exam. Following are the key areas of competency which the candidate should focus on.

These are the 10 key topics which require considerable amount of knowledge from the candidate. In this regard, one should try to focus on these topics and study them in depth. It is important to note that each topic has been assigned a different weightage. However, one should try to focus on all of them. In addition to this, you should also get to know regarding the subtopics under each heading and try to study them in detail as well.

As far as the structure of this exam is concerned, it will basically comprise of multiple-choice questions. In order to clear the exam, the candidate must acquire greater than 700 marks. The number of questions and the duration has not been specified.

CISSP is one of the first few certifications in the field of IT Security which is considered to be of great worth. Those who do this certification not only become security professionals but also boost their careers and salaries to a considerable extent.