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If you Follow four simple rules contained in here while making Photoshop Photo Collage Templates PSD files, you will be able to use the Photoshop scripts in this Photo Collage Toolkit package. You will be able to make photo collage templates with ease and populate them quickly with your pictures. electricity invented or discovered This toolkit provides both interactive and fully automated Photoshop scripts to populate your photo collage templates and an interactive script to test a template while you are making it with Photoshop. These scripts use Photoshop’s "Place feature" to insert your images into collages as smart object layers, therefore all Photoshop supported image file types can be used to populate templates. Using the interactive script you select which template you are populating, you select the images used throughout the entire process and you control image sizing and cropping. With the two batch Photoshop scripts, you select which photo collage template is to be populated. You set which folder contains images you want the collage template populated with and you set where the output collages are to be saved. These fully automated scripts places and transforms your images into the template and saves populated collages into the destination folder. All the scripts have options you can use to select an optional file name stamps, and select which font and layers styles should be used and applied by the scripts.

Populated Photo Collages are layered Photoshop documents which you can tweak and embellish. Most of the time the populated collages produced will be what you want. However populated collages are layered Photoshop documents which are easy to modify to change the appearance in dramatic ways. Let me try to demonstrate what I mean. I prepared two folders of source images, each having three images and I prefixed their filename with a sequence number# to order the way they will be populated by the automated batch script. I first ran the interactive script to populate one collage and then ran the Batch Multi Image Collage script twice. Each batch run produced a single populated collage because there were only three images in the source image folders and the photo collages templates I pointed the scripts at each time needed three images for population. gas bike alley If there were 6 image in the input folder, two collages would have been produced and saved as PSD files. The two collages produced were saved to a common folder. Here is what the untouched collages looked like.

Next I double clicked on the train smart object layers smart icon to open these inserted PSD images into Photoshop. I turned on their image layer’s layer mask and a clone layer in one and saved them so Photoshop would update the smart object layers. Then I moved and transformed the Stamped text layers. oil n gas prices I also added two adjustment layers to the old photo layer.

Photo collages are mainly made two ways. One using precut mats with various cutouts for pictures. Images are placed under these mats. This type of photo collage is used for making things like cards, sports, special occasions etc and things like magazine covers and posters. The second way is to place images on top of something. online electricity bill payment The something can be a blank canvas, a photo-board or a large image. Small images are then placed onto this surface. These can be placed there orderly, randomly, in a shape, or they can overlay each other and have any shape.

It seemed to me that it would be fairly easy to come up with a set rules for making photo collage templates that could then be populated using Photoshop automation features to place images into these templates. Since Photoshop supports many images file types, images used to populate photo collage templates can even contain some transparency. For example, a png file or a psd file that contains a masked image layer extraction. With the set of rules I came up with, I was able to create a Photoshop actions set that could be used while making templates to see if they were conforming to the rules by populating partly complete templates and to interactively populate a photo collage template with a limited number of images in them once they were completed and saved.

Later on with a lot of work, I was able to support photo collage templates with any number of image inserts using Photoshop scripting. I wrote both interactive and fully automated script processors to populate Photo Collage templates. electricity lesson plans 4th grade These scripts obsoleted the actions I had previously created and used. Over time this Photo Collages Toolkit has evolved. The package’s main features are the four rules and three Photoshop scripts.

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Note: Photoshop scripts can be run from any folder on your system. I use to store mine in "C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop Scripts\My Scripts".This folder was made by me not Adobe. I use some of my scripts in actions and do not want to have to re-record the actions for each release because Photoshop’s folders are in different folders for each release of Photoshop. However Windows 7 with 64 bit Adobe began to install two versions of Photoshop a 64bit version and a 32bit version. electricity magnetism and electromagnetic theory pdf Scripts should be able to run is both. However when you put a link in to the folder something in widows or Photoshop changes "Programs Files" to "Program Files (x86)" If your using the 32bit Photoshop exe. The link is broken. So I moved my Photoshop Script tree to "C:\Photoshop Scripts" "Program Files" is no longer in the path to insure the link to it will not get broken. I just add a shortcut link to "C:\Photoshop Scripts" to both the 64bit and 32Bit Photoshop versions …/Presets/Scripts/ folder.

• Oct. 10, 2010 Installed Windows 7 found the scripts failed to saved their parameters which I fixes. There also seems to be a windows 7 bug I needed to program around when a user canceled the image transform. I had to put out a message otherwise the scripts would fail. I did not have this problem with CS5 an Windows XP a do nothing catch worked fine.

• Sept. 29, 2010 removed the dependency the interactive scripts had on actions. Renamed "Actions for Scripts.atn" to "JJmack’s Photo Collage Toolkit Scripts.atn" to be able to access the Photo Collage Toolkit scripts from the actions palette. Delete "Actions for Scripts.atn" if you have id and remove it from your actions palette if loaded.