Free worksheets, activities, songs, and videos have fun teaching natural electricity examples


Have Fun Teaching Access is a monthly subscription that gives you Monday-Friday teaching resources that are Ready-To-Use and Common Core Aligned for every weekday of the year. With Access, you will have Members-Only access to high quality teaching materials, lesson plans, worksheets, activities, songs, videos, assessments, holiday themed lessons, and Common Core materials for every weekday of the year. Imagine, an entire year’s worth of teaching resources right at your fingertips! No more planning, preparing, and searching online. Access is the perfect solution for any teacher who wants to have more time to teach! Learn More… Worksheets

Our high quality worksheets are perfect for any classroom. Each worksheet is created with love and attention and gives teachers a great way to check for understanding, practice skills, and send materials home. When used in moderation, our free worksheets can be used as a great supplement to any lesson plan. Our worksheets can be a powerful tool to help your students succeed. Activities

In addition to worksheets, we also have a wide variety of fun and engaging activity centers and games for small groups. These small group learning centers are ready to print and use in the classroom. Some activity centers may require some cutting, and maybe even a little glue, but with some lamination, these activities will create an exciting learning environment! Flash Cards

Before starting your lesson, you may need to check for understanding. Our colorful Flash Cards are a great way to build background knowledge and vocabulary. These free Flash Cards will be a perfect addition to any classroom and will work wonders with your ESOL students.

To get you even more excited about teaching, most of our educational songs also have a high energy video to go right along with it! Our Have Fun Teaching Videos will motivate your kids and bring joy into your classroom. When your kids see our videos, they will be begging for more! Workbooks

When it comes to workbooks, we got you covered! We offer a wide range of educational workbooks, including Common Core, Reading Comprehension, Math, English, and more. Common Core is something that many teachers and parents don’t want to deal with. However, if these standards are here to stay, we may as well try to make it fun! That is why we have partnered with fellow teachers trained in the Common Core Standards to create high quality and effective Common Core Worksheets, Activity Centers, Posters, and Assessments. To help make teaching the standards an easy and stress-free experience, we have compiled all of these resources into Common Core Workbooks that teach every single Math and English standard. Premium Products

Since the foundation of Have Fun Teaching, our goal has been to provide high quality teaching resources for free! As we continue on this journey, we still offer most of our resources for free, including Worksheets, Activities, Flash Cards, Workbooks, Lesson Plans, and more! In addition to our free teaching resources, we also offer Premium Products, including Have Fun Teaching Access, Common Core Workbooks, Common Core Assessment Workbooks, Music, and Videos.