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Had a wonderful time at Whale Watch WA last week. k gas constant The staff, the commentary and the way they treat the whales is just amazing. We left from Fremantle jetty, exactly at 9 and within minutes we had dolphins racing the boat. gas knife lamb Within another few minutes, the crew spotted 2 or 3 whale pods – too good, as i thought we may have to go around looking for some time. We could see a calf breaching many times from a distance, but as soon as the boat got close, the whales started moving away. Of course this is no fault of Whale Watch WA – this is nature. c gastronomie plateaux repas They were very respectful to the whales and only approached them very quietly. electricity distribution costs The crew were very helpful and gave us a very good commentary about the whale’s behavior patterns etc. Though we couldn’t get very close to the whales (as probably what i pictured in my mind before going… too many Attenborough documentaries 🙂 ) – it was totally worth it. In the end, we got close enough to literally hear the whale breath.Overall, top notch service, very well maintained boat, comfortable ride (because it’s a catamaran, i think) and superb staff. gas oil ratio for leaf blower I don’t think there is a better whale watch tour group in Perth. 7 stars.

If you think you’ve seen whales because you’ve seen a glimmer of a splash, 10km off-shore or from a cruise ship, do yourself a favour- hop on this cruise and go and see them up close ! ! !Jade, Gemma and the family made us feel right at home from the start and have a vast knowledge of everything you ever wanted to know (and everything you didn’t know you wanted to know!) 15 minutes into the cruise and all of a sudden, there were whales everywhere ! I’m not talking about splashes in the distance, the ships engine is so quiet that the whales hardly took any notice and came right up close ! Gemma explained each movement and we soon learnt that there were multiple pods of whales that were all slowly migrating south with their new calfs. This area, just off Rottnest island is a bit of a resting area for them so you literally get to spend over two hours watching them frolic around. There must have been easily over 30 whales – with countless spectacular breaches! It truly is an amazing experience and you really can’t say you’ve seen a whale until you see them up close with Whale Watch, Western Australia. – This is one of the best places in the world to see them up close!

One of the males launched into an incredible breach and landed on his back as we watched on in amazement… now that was impressive! Following up with flirty pec slaps and even a gentle peduncle lob these males were trying their very best to impressive the lovely lady. Her calf seemed to be watching on in amusement and was hopefully learning a few things from these outgoing males and their clever tactics. ogasco abu dhabi The female was very patient with them and waited for a while until the males slowed down a bit and began to match her energy, before long she had regained control of the pod and both males were calmly swimming alongside mother and calf. A perfect example of how the females who are a little bit older and have the experience will take control of a situation and turn it into a benefit for them. This female now had two protective male escorts joining her southern migration, two bodyguards for herself and her calf! An incredible morning learning and enjoying observing the very best Fremantle Wildlife Experiences on another magnificent day in WA.