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I’m a 24 year old male. About a month ago, started with some very frequent urination. Sometimes immediately after urination, and sometimes 5-10 minutes after, i would get a dull sense of urgency to urinate. I would try to go, but it would be a very weak stream, and i didn’t REALLY have to go, but felt like i did. minor testicular pain as well.

Called my doctor, he prescribed cipro for what he diagnosed as a mild prostatitis. Took about a week of cipro until it affected my stomach too much to continue (antibiotics often do this to me). By the time i stopped the cipro, my frequent urination HAD gotten quite a bit better during the day, although i was still going 2-3 times at night, and feeling like i had to go a fourth time well before it was time for me to get up. normal for me is once per night.

Within about 36 hours of stopping the cipro, the testicular pain went away completely, but my urinary symptoms came back, going frequently, weak stream, feeling of urgency when i don’t really have to go, etc. went back to my doctor, he did a prostate exam (normal) as well as checking my testicles (normal), and did some basic checks for kidney stones (didn’t think it was that). he prescribed doxycycline to see if i tolerate it better than cipro, still assuming it’s prostatitis, and sent me to a urologist who happened to be able to see me that same day.

urologist said he doens’t think it’s anything, essentially. said to try to the doxy, and we’ll do a CT scan to check for stones, and a scrotal ultrasound. both came back normal. i had to stop the doxy after 48 hours becuase it gave me a pretty severe skin rash.

now here’s where it gets interesting. when i stopped the doxy, i still had very frequent urination. however, it started going away on its own after about a week to the point of being essentially normal during the day, and urination 1-2 times at night.

then…it started coming back on its own. sometimes i have a split stream, sometimes weak stream, often feelingl ike i have to urinate only 5 minutes after going, except i don’t realy have to. he gave be prosed DS to try, which i did, and it both doens’t seem to help, and didn’t even turn my urine blue as it’s supposed to. i have mild urethral irritation as well (not sure if it’s a true symptom or just a result of frequent urination). that’s where i am now, and i have a follow up with the urologist next week, but since everything came back fine, i don’t have high hopes of anything other than "it’s nothing wait for it to go away." he doens’t think i have interstitial cystitis, he cultured my urine and apparently no UTI either.

My questions are…are there any other suggestions? something i’m missing? could this me ejaculation related, meaning maybe i have a weak ejaculation where semen isn’t completely clearing from the urethra and it’s causing some issue. could this be cold related, like cold dieurisis? the first two times the urination became more frequent it WAS after a lot of time out in the cold, but since then it hasn’t followed that path. I’m increasingly frustrated with this as last night i had to get up 3 times to urinate and am not getting quality sleep.

( [email protected] chicago)……celtics & kasbass, same here. Been with this issue for months. Lack of sleep is definitely getting to me as well. My general doctor also prescribed me Cipro recently. Discomfort went away but returned soon after i had finished the antibiotic. I have let regular coffee go as well as many caffeinated drinks. Over a year ago i did notice i drank every other day coffee and a few red bulls in the week. Afterwards the urination at night started. A few evenings i would go about 7- 10 times with the same split or weak stream. Even went far as to having my gf get a pap smear. On a visit to the ER about six months ago on a ultra sound test they did find a few cyst on my left teste. Could it be associated more now? Doctor that day at the hospital found no UTI or stones either. My current doctor thinks its strange as well. I’m thinking of having a Urologist really dig for something alittle more, if not see if it can go away. But i’ve also read up on some illnesses and such and stress can also come about frequent urination. Rest assure in my 26 year life this is very strange and discomforting. Ejaculation has been ok. But what feels like a pull and strain with a dull pain coming from my left teste is abnormal. Cannot concentrate right while attempting to do sports and during the day while drinking lots of fluids like water and orange juice the affects are the same. Sometimes normal coloration, sometimes non in the urine. Can’t help but to find a solution and remedy. Plan B is to completely be sober free of any toxins and attend a special Urologist and see what can be done.

To both of you fellas and to many who are probably going through what we are i can only pray and send ya best of spirits and solving this mystery. Lets keep in touch and get much better. P.s. I’ve also looked upon these symptoms associated with what i’ve got and they are somewhere near a diabetic condition. Although it isn’t the full on Diabetes illness but a pre condition that can lead to that. Not sure on this, although my mother does have diabetes. No need for a scare. lets keep finding for wellness and hope for the best. All the best.