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The natural gas consumed at the customer’s premises (i.e. with combustion) reduces greenhouse gas emissions (GGE) by up to 32%, compared with heating oil and propane. Natural gas releases significantly fewer air pollutants and almost totally eliminates sulphur oxides (SOx) and nitrogen oxides (NOx), the pollutants that are responsible, among others, for acid rain.

To preserve these benefits, it is important to reduce the environmental footprint throughout the supply chain. That said, to evaluate a conversion from one source of energy to another, we must compare apples with apples. electricity pictures information If we are looking at the natural gas supply chain as a whole, we must also perform the same analysis for the supply chain of all the petroleum products that are currently being consumed, including their source, the production method, production conditions, method of transportation and distance travelled to get the petroleum products to us.

At Énergir, while we understand and absolutely share the ambition of making a low-carbon world, we are also convinced of the necessity of remaining pragmatic when establishing an action plan. That is why we believe that by maximizing our efforts to encourage our customers to be more energy-efficient, by injecting 5% biomethane content in our gas network, by reducing the impacts all along the supply chain, and by focusing on markets where natural gas can make a real difference in the emissions that are currently being produced, in particular by displacing petroleum products (which inherently emit more greenhouse gases), we can concretely help reduce greenhouse gases and contribute to the transition towards a lower-carbon economy. This is notably the case in industry sectors and regions.

It depends on the quantity of gas you consume. – If your annual consumption 1 is less than 75,000 m 3, you have no obligation with respect to the quantity of natural gas that will be billed to you at the fixed price supply tariff, and the supplier must maintain its price for the duration of the agreement without any possibility of changes. – If your annual consumption 1 is equal to or greater than 75,000 m 3, the supplier may ask you to agree to an arrangement dependent on factors other than the price or duration. These other terms will then be subject to a contract binding you and the supplier directly, without any engagement or responsibility for their application on the part of Énergir. For example, these other measures could stipulate a consumption minimum. electricity production in north korea In the event of a discrepancy between your actual consumption and that agreed upon, the supplier can adjust its price annually on the anniversary date of the agreement. A supplier that has had to modify its gas purchases to serve you could adjust its price to reflect the change in volumes. gas jet When making a price change, the supplier must obtain your consent and have you sign a new agreement reflecting the new terms. This way, the supplier will then notify Énergir of the new price. In such an event, Énergir will send you a new confirmation letter to confirm the change in the price agreed upon by you and the natural gas supplier. You will have a grace period to think it over similar to the period accorded to you upon enrolling in the service (15 days).

The undertaking document is a standard form proposed to the Régie de l’énergie by Énergir. It tells Énergir which supplier you wish to purchase your natural gas from. f gas logo The document also confirms the contracted price for natural gas and compressor fuel supply as well as the duration of the agreement you entered into with this supplier. Upon signing, the supplier will forward it to us. Once the undertaking document has been received, Énergir purchases a quantity equivalent to your annual natural gas consumption from the supplier of your choice at the price you have agreed to and resells it to you at that same price. You will continue to receive a single monthly bill from Énergir. This bill will include the price for natural gas supply and compressor fuel supply purchased from the supplier of your choice. basic electricity quizlet IMPORTANT: The signed document must be sent at least 60 days (and no more than 120 days) before the beginning of fixed price natural gas deliveries. Fixed price supply service will always commence on the 1st day of the month following the 60 days prior notice.Therefore, be sure to begin the process early enough to allow Énergir and the supplier to set the measures in motion to ensure your fixed price delivery when you want it.