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At 2,200 acres, Freshkills Park will be almost three times the size of Central Park and the largest park developed in New York City in over 100 years. arkla gas phone number The transformation of what was formerly the world’s largest landfill into a productive and beautiful cultural destination will make the park a symbol of renewal and an expression of how our society can restore balance to its landscape. In addition to providing a wide range of recreational opportunities, including many uncommon in the city, the park’s design, ecological restoration and cultural and educational programming will emphasize environmental sustainability and a renewed public concern for our human impact on the earth.

While the full build–out will continue in phases for the next 30 years, development over the next several years will focus on providing public access to the interior of the site and showcasing its unusual combination of natural and engineered beauty, including creeks, wetlands, expansive meadows and spectacular vistas of the New York City region.

Through phone calls and e–mails and at a series of public outreach meetings and workshops hosted by the Department of City Planning, citizens have proposed a wide variety of ideas for Fresh Kills. These include: development of new roads connecting the West Shore Expressway (Rt. 440) and Richmond Avenue to improve local circulation and provide public access to the site; active and passive recreational uses such as mountain biking, golf, ballfields, tennis courts, hiking trails and bridle paths; non–motorized, waterborne recreation such as kayaking and canoeing; and environmental programs and a wildlife refuge. k electric company Other suggestions have included an observatory, a dude ranch, a model airplane field and camping facilities. wholesale electricity prices by state As part of the planning process the Department of City Planning and its consultants used this information and other suggestions to inform the Draft Master Plan.

The transformation of Fresh Kills will be a model of continued public engagement. The Freshkills Park Draft Master Plan (DMP) is the result of extensive site analysis, community needs, assessment and outreach, landfill operations consideration, and studies and reviews of other landfill models. For a project as big and complicated as Fresh Kills, decision–making based upon informed consensus among the primary representatives is critical. la gas prices 2016 The DMP serves as the basis for further review, discussion, and decision–making.

Since the release of the DMP, there has been a series of public meetings and hearings to inform the public on the progress of the park. The Staten Island Community Boards have also been kept up to date with repeated presentations. world j gastrointestinal oncol impact factor As the project moves from conceptual to schematic design in specific areas of the park, we have held and will continue to hold public meetings with residents to shape the park amenities to respond to community needs. gas x strips review One future example is that as we start designing the bike path system, we will be meeting with local bike groups to make sure their expertise and input is incorporated into the designs.

The City evaluated numerous complex issues and varying perspectives in its consideration of the proposal to remove World Trade Center (WTC) materials from Fresh Kills. These included a review of the exhaustive recovery efforts previously undertaken, the logistics of removal, and the capacity to identify an alternative receiving site. The City listened to and considered proposals from members of the WTC Families for Proper Burial and differing views of other families who lost loved ones on September 11, 2001. tropico 5 power plant Given this information, the City has determined that it would be best not to disturb the materials from the World Trade Center remaining at Fresh Kills.

After the FBI, NYPD, and Office of Emergency Management determined the process of retrieval had been exhaustive and complete, the screened and sifted WTC materials remaining at Fresh Kills were placed in a 48–acre area (the materials area), immediately adjacent to the recovery site on the West Mound (Section 1/9) at Fresh Kills. A layer of clean soil at least 1 foot deep was placed in this area prior to placement of the screened materials; afterward it was covered with additional clean soil to protect the site and control erosion. The area is clearly marked to prevent disturbance.

The screened material sifted during the course of the recovery effort included fines, materials that passed through a quarter–inch sieve. These fines amounted to approximately 360,000–480,000 tons. It is this material, estimated to be equivalent in volume to 1 acre, 200 feet high, which the City has been asked to move. electricity trading jobs Aside from the sheer quantity of materials involved, and the absence of a receiving site, the City understands that there are 9–11 families who are opposed to disturbing the 48–acre site on the West Mound.

The City, therefore, is proceeding, with input from the victims’ families and other interested citizens, on preliminary designs for an appropriately respectful treatment of the WTC materials area and a monument at the adjoining recovery site. The consultant preparing the Freshkills Park Draft Master Plan has proposed a processional earthwork, mirroring the forms of the Twin Towers for the top of the West Mound and outside the WTC materials area, in an expansive wildflower meadow. The final plan for the monument will be developed as part of the larger master planning public process. The city is committed to an on–going dialogue with all interested citizens.