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Tsikara’tanya’ks, Frog, speaks of Purification and Cleansing. This can apply to the body, the mind and the spirit. electricity and circuits class 6 pdf The Jordan Peterson meme of “Clean your room.” can be taken literally when it applies, but it can also be taken as advice to Clean Up Your Life. Clean Up means getting rid of and letting go of those things that are cluttering and unnecessary. But it can and almost always should be applied to ourselves first. My Grandmother, My Memaire, would often say that “Before you start trying to clean other people’s houses, you should clean your own.”. We clutter up our minds and clog our ability to think clearly with things that we place importance on, which are not actually important. We use terms like need when we mean want. We say that we are starving when we are merely hungry. We decide that things must be done when they are not actually immediate or necessary, which can lead us to ignore those things that are. When you die, and you will die, it won’t matter to you how much money you made, what stuff that you owned, or even if other people liked you or loved you, because you can never be certain of those things. electricity video ks1 What will matter is what you did. emoji gas station Did your actions do harm to others, to the earth itself, did your actions help or did you take no action at all? If you have done the right things in your Life you will Know that you mattered. Why wait until you are about to die to change that? Why not Clean Up Your Life now so that if you died tomorrow you will know that you lived a good life, to know that you did something rather than playing it safe and never doing anything at all that matters? Tsikara’tanya’ks, Frog can be an invitation to Purify your life, to be good because it is better to be good, not so that you can judge others. Clean your room. Clean your house. Clean your Life. electricity and magnetism purcell pdf And, like Tsikara’tanya’ks, you can live in many worlds at exactly the same time, because you Live whatever your Life happens to be in the best way that you can.

So I have been on a spiritual journey during this time in my life and hoping to find true happiness and peace. I’ve been reading lots of things online to help guide me and I stumbled across an online quiz on how to find your spiritual animal. Website was nonsense (will not list the url) because it just didn’t make sense with its questions and the answer I got was a cat… Furthermore I did not connect with its answer and so I had brushed it off. Went onto another website that gave enough information that lead me to believe that all information made sense. It had mentioned about the spiritual animal picks you and sometimes it will come into your dreams. That same night after meditation, went about my business and decided to sleep right at midnight. All I remember in my dream was a huge frog, looking right at me with its left eye. This was no normal experience I had in my dream, this was a clear, vivid dream that I had of that frog and i remember in my dream it being in the forest of some sort. electricity powerpoint template This frog was not small, it was humongous. I believe that I wanted to know so badly that it actually came that same night I read it! This world is filled with spirits and powers and if we just open up our minds, and I mean become aware and awake, we can truly see the powers it can reveal to us at the right time. electricity deregulation in california Peace and Love to all! Jah Rastafari shall provide the bread, ya’mon!

Something very cute, and unexpected happened to be tonight. I got up at about 3 am, because my dog wanted to go outside. I let him, out and back in. Since I was downstairs, I got myself a late-night (or rather, very early-morning) snack. I sat at my kitchen table, eating when out of the corner of my eye, I saw movement. gasket t 1995 I thought it might be a moth. But, the movement stopped. The creature was still, and sitting on my kitchen floor. A tiny tree frog. I actually watched him for a bit, still a little surprised, but then I walked over, and scooped the fellow up gently in my hands. He wasn’t that afraid of me, and when I walked outside to set him in the grass, he wouldn’t jump out off of me at first. But, of course after a moment, he found his way home in the grass. I went in and washed my hands, and I couldn’t help but feel he was telling me something. It was so bizarre. gas blower will not start The door was only open for a few brief seconds while I let my dog inside, so he had to have been fast. And, I found him rather than one of my family members. I just got the idea he had a message. It nice nice to come here, and get an idea of what that message is. Thanks!