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This is an adorable 3 bedroom house on 38 secluded acres. It is located ten minutes from all the amenities of Jiminy Peak Ski Resort and less than a half an hour from all the Berkshire attractions. A perfect escape (with a private swim pond)!

The house sits in the middle of a 38 acre plot of land in the foothills of the Taconic Mountain range in New York. A little over half of the property is gorgeous woodland and the rest is an open, sloping field, affording fantastic views of The Berkshires and Pittsfield State Forest. Up a long driveway, the house is totally hidden and secluded from the street and neighbors (although in the winter, when the branches are bare, you can just make out one of the neighbors house’s through the trees). The woods behind the house are filled with rushing streams, huge 100+ year-old trees and are great for hiking. And apart from it’s spectacular views, the front field is great for playing (in summer), sledding (in winter) or just relaxing on some lawn chairs and taking it all in (year round).

Froggy Pond is a little over three hours from New York City. A perfect drive up the Taconic Parkway. The closest attraction is Jiminy Peak Mountain Resort only 10 minutes away. During the winter you can actually see the peak of Jiminy Peak from the house. It is a great ski resort during the winter and loads of fun during the summer, with rides and hikes and fun for the whole family. We are also only 10 minutes from Cherry Plains State Park, which has an amazing lake, beach, hiking, biking and cross-country skiing.

We are also a short ride from the heart of the Berkshires. We are less than 20 minutes away from Tanglewood, less than 20 from Williamstown. 25 to MassMoca, 30 to Jacob’s Pillow. The Berkshire Museum, The Norman Rockwell, The Clark, Mount Greylock, Hancock Shaker Village, etc. etc..

The house itself is adorable. It was built in 1994 and is in great shape. It has 3 bedrooms, 1.5 baths and a living room / dining room that is surrounded by windows. The downstairs master bedroom itself is big enough for a whole family (with some kids on sleeping bags). There is also a little nook at the top of the stairs that fits our queen-sized blow-up mattress perfectly. So, at times, when we have had relatives or guests, we’ve had 4 adults, 4 kids and one grandmother all very comfortably sleeping under one roof (we have had more guests on a number of occasions, but after 10 people it starts to get tight).

One of our favorite features of our land is Froggy Pond. It is a huge (over 100 feet wide), concrete-bottomed swimming pond that is stream fed (which means that the water is always flowing and doesn’t get stagnant). At one side it is quite shallow (good for the kids) while the other end slopes down to over 15 feet deep. The pond is surrounded by daylilies and a grassy area where you can sun bathe. Froggy Pond gets its name because there are often little tadpoles and frogs swimming along with you. Very cute.

Another interesting addition to the property (which is on stilts next to the pond) is a rustic, unfinished, 20×40 glass enclosed studio. It has no running water, but it does have electricity. In the past it has been used as a rehearsal studio, a yoga retreat, an artists’ space and a cabin for camping. You definitely can’t live in there (because it is unfinished), but it is fun for hanging out. View more