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One month ago yesterday I ran my first goal race of 2018, the Loudoun Half Marathon. Having run this race last year, I know that the course for this half marathon is anything but easy. It features rolling hills throughout, but nothing that is unmanageable or that I am unfamiliar with here in Northern Virginia. I was excited to run the course again after having run a fairly strong race last year. After completing a strong training cycle, I was excited for what was to come on race day.

Despite being well prepared, as well as the weather being ideal for racing (it was in the high 40s and low 50s during the race, and there was almost zero wind), it just wasn’t my day. I know that I put forth my best effort throughout the entire race, and because I did so I am not disappointed in myself.

Race morning started off with me leaving the house around 5:30 a.m. I pulled into the parking lot of the local high school where the race started and finished at just after 6:00, and within five minutes of parking returned to the car with my race bib and shirt. I sat in the car for awhile, finishing my breakfast and staying warm. Around 6:40 I left the warmth of the car to use the bathroom, and then made my way to the start line.

The race started on the street in front of the high school. With right around 550 people running this race, the start area wasn’t crowded at all, and I easily found a spot to stand while I waited for the race to start. At 7:00, the “Star Spangled Banner” was sung, and at 7:02 I crossed the start line.

Happy Friday everybody! If your schedule has been like mine lately, it has been jam packed and you’ve been constantly on the go. It seems like this happens every Spring. Part of me enjoys the thrill of being as busy as I have been, but another part of me wishes that things would slow down just a tad.

With how busy everything has been lately, I thought that it would be appropriate to do a Potpourri post today. Its been quite awhile since I’ve written one (since September to be exact). Here’s a glimpse at what has been going on in my little corner of the world lately.

2. The end of the school year busyness continues today with my Honors World History students scheduled to take their state exam. After today’s test, the focus in my classroom will shift to end of the year projects for the last month of the school year.

3. My parents fly into town today. It has been since March when little man and I last saw them ( we spent Spring Break visiting them in Illinois), and although my dad was in town for work in early March, it has been since December when my mom and husband last saw each other. We’re all looking forward to sharing a couple of days together.

My apologizes for the radio silence over the past two weeks. As I’m sure you can imagine, life has been incredibly busy lately. While in the past I would have stressed over not having had the time to sit down and write, I’ve been reminding myself that there are much more important things in life than being able to blog.

So what’s been keeping me so busy over the past two weeks? If you follow me on Instagram and/or Twitter then you know that we were at Disney World starting the last weekend of April. In total, we spent nine days at Disney for a very special occasion: my sister-in-law’s wedding. It had been her lifelong dream to get married at Disney World, and last Saturday that dream became a reality. Over the course of the week there were several wedding events, including a girls’ tea at the Grand Floridian, a family dinner at Citricos for the bride and groom’s immediate families, and a private Illuminations dessert party for all of the wedding guests on Isle de France, the terrace in front of France at Epcot.

Since returning from Disney late last Sunday night, things at our house have been incredibly busy. I spent the majority of the week at work playing catch up after having a sub in my classroom for five days. I walked into my classroom Monday morning very overwhelmed by the high stacks of paper and the lengthy note from my sub that I found on and surrounding my desk. Although I’m not fully caught up at school yet, I didn’t feel as overwhelmed by my to do list at the end of the day on Friday as I did Monday morning. Here at home, our suitcases are still sitting open in the basement, with only half of the laundry done, but I know that it’ll all eventually get done.

This past week Preston finished up the Spring semester of grad school, and we’re both thankful that he has a couple of weeks off before his summer class starts. Friday afternoon I attended “Muffins with Mom” at little man’s daycare. My little family spent Saturday working on our front and backyards, both weeding and planting fresh plants and flowers. And then on Sunday we spent the day together as a family and had a low key Mother’s Day, though I did give myself a “present” of a solo four mile run during little man’s nap.

So that’s a little bit of what’s been going on in my world over the past couple of weeks. My little family has been quite busy, and fitness has slipped from being one of my top priorities. I know that just because I’m not currently officially training for a race doesn’t mean that I should let my fitness slide, and I’m looking forward to refocusing and getting back on track this week. I didn’t meet some of my April goals, and although I never put any goals into writing for this month (I’ll blame being away and out of my normal routine at the beginning of the month), I want to spend the rest of May refocusing on my fitness, especially since I’ll be starting marathon training in just a couple of short weeks.

One last thing: during our first full day at Disney a blog reader approached me at Magic Kingdom and asked me if I was “From Dancing to Running.” I was caught completely off guard, was focused on little man and getting to breakfast at Crystal Palace, and didn’t respond properly. To the reader who stopped to say “hi”, my apologizes for not being able to talk longer and for my abrupt departure. If I came across as rude, that wasn’t my intention whatsoever.

Monday was a long day, and I was short on time for exercising by the time that I got home from school and my weekly chiropractor appointment. However, I still made an effort to exercise, and did 20 minutes of strength training in the basement that evening.

I completed a strong five mile run on the treadmill, followed by 25 minutes of weight training. Given that the Loudoun Half Marathon is now only two weeks away, I’m hopeful that my body can keep up with my motivation to finish out this training cycle on a strong note. Fingers crossed!

Despite the fact that Spring started almost three weeks ago, it was finally nice enough outside for me to do my first running commute to daycare of the season. I ran 1.25 miles with an empty stroller to daycare, and then another 1.75 miles after I picked up little man. After not running with the BOB stroller for several months, I forgot how hard it is to run with. Add in the fact that little man is bigger than he was back in the fall when I last ran with the stroller, and it made for a very physically challenging run.