Fsa 85 lithium-ion straight-shaft professional trimmer stihl usa electricity and magnetism lecture notes


So powerful and light, it feels like cheating. The STIHL FSA 85 professional trimmer gives landscapers the ultimate tool for working in densely populated and noise-restricted areas. Powered by 36-volt Lithium-Ion battery technology, this grass trimmer is five times quieter than the STIHL gasoline-powered equivalent. And with no need for gasoline, the trimmer eliminates all fuel costs and has zero exhaust emissions – ideal for use in close quarters and municipalities looking to go green. Better yet, no power cords.

STIHL Lithium-Ion trimmers continue to run at full capacity, even as the battery drains. You can expect nothing less than 100% performance from the FSA 85 until the battery is completely depleted. The trimmer is also balanced and lightweight, delivering excellent cutting performance and low vibration for easy, smooth operation. Its variable speed trigger allows you to control cutting speed on the fly, so you can maneuver easily around delicate plantings. And when you need to spot trim, this trimmer instantly starts up with the pull of a trigger.

Rated 3 out of 5 by Weedeater1969 from Not as good as the other battery operated Stihl products I own I had purchased a Stihl battery operated blower, trimmer, and chainsaw and I love them so I decided to purchase the weed trimmer. The trimmer ran for about 5 minutes and quit. I took it to get the problem resolved 3 times before Stihl gave the dealer the okay to give me another trimmer. The trimmer is easy to use as far as starting it to cut weeds. It does not have near the power of the Stihl gas trimmer that I have owned for 15 years. It it a little heavy on the end where the battery goes in and by the time I was done weedeating, my hand and arm were hurting. I will say that I tried moving the handle up and down the bar to try to get a more comfortable place, but I did not ever find a place on the bar that did not feel ackward. I have always had a trimmer with a curved bar and the salesman where I got mine told me this was a heavier duty model so I bought the model with the straight bar. This may be why it seems ackward. Hopefully, I can figure that part out???? I would have bought the curved bar if I had it to do over again. When I ran out of trimmer line, the instructions read like it would be really easy to install new line, but everything has to be lined up just right or it will not work. Overall, it will cut the weeds. My wife likes to weedeat around her flowers and I will use it for quick touch up jobs, but I will use the gas trimmer when I need to do my whole yard.

Rated 3 out of 5 by Kell93 from Not their best product design I have several Stihl battery products (pole saw, blower, hedge trimmer), all of which are great except the line trimmer (weed wacker). They all have plenty of power and the battery lasts long enough. If you have more work to do than required for a normal subdivision lot, I would recommend getting a second battery and the upgraded charger. My problem with the line trimmer is the head. It often does not extend the line very well, and loading the line in the trimmer is more difficult than the gas powered trimmers Stihl sells. In fact, loading it is a terrible job. Even my dealer knows how bad it is, and he has been telling me for over three years Stihl is working on a solution. I no longer believe him, because Stihl is a major corporation with plenty of engineers, they should have solved it by now. Look at the other reviews and you will see this is a common complaint! The only good news is that I broke the original head from trying to get it to extend the line, and the replacement (which is exactly like the original) works better because it is new. I am sure it will become more difficult once it gets "broken in." In fact, as a business professor, I will give them some free advice. Develop a hard plastic brush cutter blade as an option for this tool. I would buy it because it is powerful enough to cut brush.