Fsa 90 r trimmer quiet battery powered trimmer stihl usa electricity transmission vs distribution


Rated 4 out of 5 by NoSD from Quite powerful Putting the motor right on the head really makes a difference in terms of how much power is transferred. Compared to an equivalent GreenWorks trimmer, this feels much more like gas and, with the right line, will absolutely decimate most common overgrowths, including younger blackberries. You can definitely bog the motor down if you shove it into a super dense patch of greenery, though.Battery runtime doesn’t sound very impressive on paper, but in use, it’s more than good enough for a single home. Professional landscapers who use theirs all day every day will probably need to stick to gas or spend a fortune on batteries.I don’t find it off-balance personally, but it isn’t really lightweight, either. Even if you use the strap, expect some forearm fatigue until you get used to it.I swapped the head out on mine for the DuroCut because I absolutely hate winding spools, and while I’m happy with that decision, the changeout process was pretty difficult. There’s no arbor lock on the tool, so they give you a smooth steel pin that you’re supposed to insert through the top of the head until it monkey wrenches. It sounds simple enough, but it is physically impossible to insert said pin with your bare hands–I had to pound it in with a hammer, and then getting it back out was even more difficult as not even locking pliers wanted to grip that smooth steel. There’s absolutely no reason to machine that thing that tight, plus I guarantee I’ll lose that special pin. Next time I’ll use a nail.I’d still give it a 5 if all the controls weren’t brittle polycarbonate and if it would accept a brush cutter; some of my blackberries aren’t that young.

Rated 3 out of 5 by Chainsawguy2 from Hmmmmm….Pro vs Con. Pros: 1. The grip is nice, It’s definitely more comfortable than some.2. So far, of the battery powered weed whackers I’ve used, this has the best speed/rpm, adjuster.3. Really good runtime with the ap300 battery, about 40 minutes if you use it at half power or a combination of full, and half power. 4. Nice solid build quality, it’s going to last for quite some time.Cons: 1. It’s really unbalanced, I mean really unbalanced. It would be more comfortable to hold the bottom of the trimmer and just beat the grass to death. 😉 Because of the heavy motor at the head of the trimmer, it creates a very unbalanced feel. You literally feel like you are carrying the engine on the head of the trimmer. Which in turn, makes it difficult to edge too. I just wish they had distributed the weight much better. I wouldn’t even mind if the motor or what have you was placed at the top with the battery. Or just a more even feel would be fine with me. 2. Tangle trouble, yes when cutting thick or dense grass it will tangle and stop the motor. Which is something that could have been sorted out if they had built the space between the head and the motor differently. The only way you can kind of keep it from tangling is by just cutting very slowly at full power.In summary, this is Stihl’s best shot with their commercial weed wacker line. I really hope that they improve on what the FSA 90r is. I wish I could recommend it for comerical use, but it really just is not ready for extensive use.