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Folks talk about this tool or that tool being the one to use to remove the quick connects on the Ford fuel filters. I have EVERY kind of removal tool and they ALL have worked at one time or the other. The teeth electricity word search answers on quick connects are really easy to disengage. I have learned that sometimes there is a problem with the O-ring inside the connector sticking on the fuel filter tube. After various gas pain left side attempts using different types of tools and processes people think that it is the particular tool is the magic one the moment the stuck O-ring finally slides off. That’s why there are so many opinions as to which tool is the best. It’s not the tool.

Having said that, I do have a favorite one for a filter that is stuck on. Its the Assenmacher Specialty orlando electricity providers Tools 8012 Fuel Filter Remover Tool. It is metal, red in color and is the only one that has a rubber ban that holds the tool perfectly closed on the 5/16 tube of the fuel filter. This is an advantage if you gas chamber have to wrestle a stuck fuel line using just your 2 hands.

Remove the front connector from the filter with the tool of your choice. The front connector is not usually the one that gets stuck, (the gasoline is filtered on that side of the filter). Remember electricity distribution map to push the fuel line towards the filter before you engage the removal tool. Wait until most all the gas drains out. You might want to wait 10 minutes for the spilled gas to evaporate.

Push the line towards the filter and insert your tool. If the filter does not release after a few attempts, remove the tool and squirt carburetor cleaner into the quick connect opening. Grab the fuel line and filter and electricity production in the us push and pull. There will be about 1/16” play. Continue spraying the cleaner and rotate the filter the best you can. Push and gas tax deduction pull. After a few minutes, switch to PB Blaster. Push and pull. Now insert your tool and attempt a removal. If you can’t remove the filter within 20 minutes, STOP. i have spent hours trying to free a filter up. You have to WAIT OVERNIGHT. Spray carburetor cleaner into the quick connect one more time. It would be best 10 gases not to reconnect the fuel line to the old filter and drive the truck unless you have to.

Both disconnects were stuck ~ I decided to cut the tank side tub off the filter ~ I was able to remove that side be twisting, puling and pushing a tool made from a Fineliner electricity bill nye worksheet cap, then taking the filter off the support ( I took the support or too ) I was able to bring that end down where I could get at it and it could be twisted and pulled off the inner seal which was what was holding both sides “`

I drove off the mountain yesterday ~ first time any distance with this 2001 Lariat F150 5.4 ~ it stopped running about 90 miles from the mountain ranch ~ called AAA to bring me and the truck back ~ at home I filled a hypo with gas and squirted it in where the tube from the gas mask bong review crankcase breather enters behind the throttle body ~ started right ( didn’t try to start it first ~ started right up and ran ~ shut it down ~ started right up couple times ~ drove and bought a fuel filter ~ after hell of a fight ~ installed the filter ~ cut the old filter can off ~ it was pretty bad ~ that could have been it ~ I’m not 100% convinced physics c electricity and magnetism formula sheet ~ but “`