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First and foremost: I would advise steering clear of the 7pm- midnight gas leak in car Sunday cruise ( The one we took). There are a few positives I will discuss and then venture to the dark side. One of the perks of this cruise is that if you stay @ one of the hotels within a 5 mile radius they have a free shuttle that picks you up free of charge! When I inquired about taxi services to the cruise ship, I was informed that there will be a complimentary shuttle I was also told that we would need to be in front of the lobby around 5:55pm ( pick up was @6pm) to ensure being picked up. We were there @5:45pm. Unbeknownst to us, the shuttle actually goes to each individual building to pick up. Once we were picked up, the shuttle navigated to each hotel,motel suite! This was a major plus! Downside to the cruise: upon boarding the cruise liner , everything went fine until we were out at sea. With the ship taking more than 7 unexpected turns out the blue ( Never happened before taking the earlier cruise). Also the outside deck was shut down early and provided 0 music. The Resturant was closed ( If you wanted to pick the $27 trip with the meal static electricity definition physics included) So everything was aka carte. The waitresses were rude a snotty. Lastly , if your on the inside too deck where there is a dance floor? The cocktails waitresses are sparse! Within a 3.5 hour time span @ the same slot, the waitress only visited twice. Blame that on understaffing employees. This cruise was far from a packed house also. Last but not least: although the ship says it returns @12am… be prepared not to be fully docked and able to exit the ship until 12:45am. Limited bar also. This is one trip that will not be taken again.

We have received your feedback from your Sunday, March 15th cruise. We are happy to hear that you appreciated the transportation options from the local hotels. On the night you joined us, the seas were of minimal size. The only time the Captain turns the ship power company near me is when the weather is inclement and they maneuver the Victory I to reduce the effects of the motion in an effort to keep our guests comfortable. The Captain has checked his log book for your cruise and there were no turns as you describe. The Captain added that there would never be a situation where it would be necessary for the ship to make 7 unexpected turns. For the safety of our guests when the ship does need to make a turn, the Captain always announces the ship will be making that turn before the turn commences. On Sunday evenings the Atlantic Café dining room gas 2015 is closed. We tell our guests this when they make their reservations. We also have dining space in our SportsBook area with a very popular ala cart menu offering sandwiches, wraps, salads, nachos and much more. We did have entertainment on board the night you sailed. He played in Big Norm’s Club V from 6 pm-7:30 and again near the end of the cruise when the casino closed. He played until we were back at the port. Big Norm’s Club V is a full night club and the dance floor is usually packed every Friday and Saturday night. We also bring in some big name entertainment like our upcoming Doo Wop Rock-n-Roll band Rocky and The Rollers featuring Tommy Mara The Crests. You can check the events page of our website, or follow us on Facebook to stay informed of all the great shows and events we have coming up. Our Food and Beverage Director is reviewing our staffing needs for our Sunday pm cruises and will adjust accordingly, we appreciate your feedback on this. The Dolphin Bar gas and bloating after every meal was open the night that you were with us, however when the bartender at that bar has no guests, they relieve other bartenders on the ship for breaks. It sounds like you went out there when he was away from the bar and we apologize that you were not able to get service at that time. Regarding the docking time, the night you sailed the ship there were currents that caused a short delay and the ship was docked precisely at 12:21 am. For electricity lesson plans 4th grade the safety of our guests, disembarkation can take an additional 10-15 minutes as we ask all of our guests to take their time going down the gangway. On our website, we note that all of our arrival times are approximate as we cannot control winds and currents which both affect the docking time of any ship. If you do decide to visit us again and run into anything that does not meet your expectations, please ask to speak to a Cruise Director. There is a Cruise Director on board to assist guests with anything they need and to ensure everyone has the best possible experience. Thank you.

This was our fist casino cruise, and we may or may not be back. We got a super Groupon deal, and glad we did. Don’t think we’d ever go if we had to pay full price. We like to gamble, but can’t afford to do a lot, so our budget is pretty firm. However, if you aren’t gambling, there isn’t a heck of a lot to do on this ship. There were two places where live music was being played, but not a lot of sitting areas nearby. The inside area had a two-man band, and a small dance floor, but gas x dosage pregnancy once bingo starts, good luck finding a place to sit. That leaves the outside upper deck, where a one-man band was entertaining, but there is little shade there, and again, little seating. People were moving chairs around the outside deck, and carrying them with them to save them! We just sat on the floor in the shade on the deck for awhile to relax. We had actually won a little money playing slots (really little), and were going to quit for the day, but we got so bored, we started playing again, and of course, lost! So maybe there is method to the madness of limiting seating on board. The food served gas bijoux discount code on board was hit and miss. I managed to find a tasty corned beef, nicely cooked fresh green beans, and a small salad. Hubby liked the freshly made pasta. But otherwise, some of the food looked really unappealing. Not sure how it might have tasted, but not willing to even sample. So you can eat, but don’t expect fine dining. Fay the hostess was super helpful to us newbies in the dining area, helping us find our way around, and getting us a seat quickly. Liquor drinks are supposedly free when you are gambling, but I never had a server come over and ask me if I wanted anything while I was at the slots. Luckily, we got to play – someone on board said that when they ran a recent deal for extra credits while playing slots, it was so crowded that some people NEVER got to even sit at a machine! So check the calendar for special events on the day you want to go, and be prepared. The seas the day we went were 3-5 feet, and the weather beautiful, but still we saw many people looking sick – sea sickness bags are conveniently situated around the ship, so I guess they expect this! Not surprising – its not a huge ship, although good sized, and with only 4 levels will rock. So if you are susceptible to sea sickness, be prepared 66 gas station near me with one of those magic wrist bands or Dramamine. Check-in was relatively easy, and the free parking a plus, and really close to the entrance. A nice gift shop is next to check-in. We might cruise again, but only if we snag another great Groupon deal.