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Hi, and thanks for your comment.. This person did a booking through the hotel, he didn’t come to book directly to us. At our office is clearly displayed the visibility of the day before and we give to all divers always gas prices going up june 2016 info about visibility and water temperature before they do a booking. Then they can decide. We also ask about certification and number of dives. This last thing we repeat when all divers on board, in order to put in the same group divers with similar experience gas stations in texas. That day he was the most experienced diver and power outage houston txu we put him on a group of divers with a certain experience, not with people just certified. Regarding his complain about too many divers we inform all readers that our average group per instructor is composed by max 5 divers/instructor, we think is a fair number to do the dive in a safe way. Visibility: we chose dive sites day by day, focusing on what we think it’s best for the day kushal gas agencies belgaum, but we cannot control vis conditions, sometimes we have better vis than what we think to have accordingly to the vis feedback electricity lab physics of the day before, sometimes we have less: we are not God, we just try to do our job as best as possible. About not much to see underwater: go to our Home page at and have a look at the movies displayed there: this is what we have underwater in cham island Marine Park, and see by yourself if there is really nothing to see as per this reader comment Lodovico

Had a great day diving with the cham island dive team, saw some electricity usage nice fish jacks, red bass and spangled emperor as well 3 gases that contribute to the greenhouse effect as usual clown fish etc. Gears in good condition maybe just a couple more womens scuba suits without tears.But they gave us two suits so not cold at all. Best part was they gas news hooked us up with Cham guest house which is a home stay with guest bedrooms on top floor. We stayed 3 days and was highlight of vietnam trip. Linh, her husband and 18mth old daughter were great hosts we had a room on top floor with veranda looking out over the fishing boats and the bay. Mosquito nets private room and shared guest bathroom.She’s a sensational cook and took us to markets and electricity production we bought fresh seafood which Linh cooked for us. Cold beers watching the sunset was great way to finish a day. Understand the island only has electricity for around 6 hrs a day enough for your device fix and gas zyklon b its a change of pace to rest of Vietnam. Chill on beach go for walk or get lift on scooter around island. Go for another scuba dive! If you go to Cham Island Dive ask them about booking electricity word search guest house home stay, you wont regret it.

Dear readers, I am the joke instructor. I reckon having chattered 2 divers last week and apologise for it. I have been introducing scuba diving to almost 10000 people in my career, if most of them enjoy right away, some, who are afraid of water, end up panicking and put their own life in danger like spitting their regulator electricity in india first time in the water or ignoring a steel ladder of 100 kg going up and down 50 cm behind their head. In that case, instructors naturally receive a big rush of adrenaline in order to react within 2 seconds. When it happens 2 times in 10 minutes, it happens that the instructor, who electricity word search printable’s responsible for people safety, explain clearly to the divers that they also can make an effort to insure their own safety. For gas nozzle keeps stopping the rest, the diver whi wrote this comment received a very complete briefing like all our beginners, he/she didn’t even dive with me, you were just also panicking and want to blame me for it. Everybody in Cham Island Diving make a lot electricity for kids of efforts to offer its passengers a great day snorkeling or scuba diving and ensure everybody’s safety. Even If we look on holiday when working and our job is beautiful, we nevertheless can get tired some days of the season. Fourny Gildas