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This is one place that everyone needs to avoid. We booked this trip through I travel 2000 for Jan 8th to Jan 15th, they should NOT have it coded as a 4 1/2 star resort, far from it. This resort does not have soap in any of the public bathrooms which makes one wonder how is everyone washing their hands after going to the bathroom. Normally speaking, the p gasket 300tdi public washrooms in any resort is SPOTLESS, NOT this one, doors did not lock, toilet were overflowing onto floors by pool washrooms, the lobby washrooms were filthy, and no soap in any power in costa rica of them. This resort did not have any blenders whatsoever,so you could not get the typical drinks such as Chocolate Money, Margarita, ect….you must like Beer and Rum and Coke. We asked one night for a Black Russian again we got the big NO, we do not have it. Towels, there is NONE….first day we did not have any electricity jokes towels in the room, including the Beach towel. Stood in line at Customer Support desk in Lobby with 20 other guests that had the same issue. It turns out that they do not do laundry on the resort but rather outsource it. Apparently, the company took all the dirty laundry but never delivered the clean????? Needless to say, we finally got 2 towels for our room that lasted the week, and did get our beach towels the next day. If you loose your beach towel, they will charge $25 pesos per towel. Exchange rate…I know that our CDN electricity questions and answers pdf dollar is weak, but I don’t think our dollar is worth .62 to the Cuban dollar, the US dollar is worth .82 to the Cuban $ and Euro is 1 for 1, WHAT A JOKE!!!!! They did have an exchange booth and charged 3% to change Canadian to their dollar, however 2 days there was a note saying gas south that they ran out of money…but if you wanted to purchase anything you need cash so that was hard to do when they never had $$ or an ATM machine. If you do go make sure you electricity projects for grade 6 have cash on you, and that it is US dollars, as they do not take CDN $. There are 7 al la carte but you can only book 2 within a week. We went to the Gourmet which was OK, and totally empty so why such a restriction on booking the restaurants???? Last day, check out is at 12 Noon, we were not leaving until 7:45PM, you can book your room at $10 Cuban per hour. I went to the front desk and asked to reserve my room until 5PM, of course I got a big NO as the Credit card machine was not working and once again they wanted cash which we did not have. I had to laugh, as the credit card machine in the store and the Sun Wing machines worked but not electricity font the front desk?? I went to our Sun Wing Rep and waited an hour to discuss the issue, which she asked me to wait a moment as she went to the front desk, surprise she came back and said that they will reserve the room and electricity magnetism and light that the machine is now working??? I believe they were just going to pocket the cash, there is no other way to think at this time. Beach bar – last day they did not open until 12:30PM it turned out that there was no ice, and the poor Bartender had to race around the resort to find ice so that he could open the bar. I left our ipod in the room, stupid of us as we should have locked it up in the safe but just forgot about it…..that was gone and never gas 0095 download to be seen again. Our room was missing 5 lights, I had one very dim light in the bathroom to get ready at night. I called 3 days in a row to see if we could get light bulbs, that never did happen. The smell in our room is sewer gas, not sure why but if you put the air on it will disappear in around an hour. The only good electricity vocabulary words thing about this Resort is the Beach, it is beautiful if you could just eat Sand and stay on the Beach you would love this spot! This is my 10th time to Cuba, and I have never written a review, but I would hate to see anyone spend their money and waste a holiday on this resort. Please do yourself a favor and DO NOT GO TO THIS RESORT! I will be calling I Travel 2000 to express our holiday and to advise strongly that they really gas exchange in the lungs occurs in the do need to change the stars