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We booked adventure buddies through the Hard Rock hotel in punta Cana. Getting to the location was not good we were eventually shoved into a cab. When we arrived we were Bakersfield between several people at Adventure Boddies. Evidently there was a group about to leave so we were shoved into a broken down buggies e85 gas stations florida with no mirrors, no top and given no helmets or instruction of any kind. The group was pulling out and we figured out how to start it and put it in gear. There should have been some sort of orientation and information as to where we were going and stops that we would be making gas dryer vs electric dryer operating cost. On our first stop we spoke to some other people and learned that there was an orientation where instructions and helmets and water were issued. I asked one of the electricity 24 hours guides southerners and he ignored me. On each stop they tried to sell you stuff. On one stop I asked for water and was told in a one word answer NO. we found the guides to be rude. When the tour was over getting back to the Hard rock was a disorganized mess. We waited over an hour before we finally got on an overcrowded truck to get electricity production in usa back t o the hotel. Once we returned we went t o the booking agent to express our satisfaction level. The agent had no system other than for me write my complaint on a blank electricity laws in pakistan piece of paper and she would give it to her supervisor. On the truck ride back there were many unhappy people. A large group was broken up and put on 3 different trucks that had to make several hotel stops. We have done buggies tours in many countries and they were great. This one is terrible. So far I have not heard from anyone f gas logo. Glenn

Me and my other half paid to go on this excursion, we drove round, learnt about how to make rum, coconut oil and milk etc, visited a cave, went swimming in the cave (by the time you got in the pool it was time to get back out and drive again) which was all very rushed. We drove and met a local family, looked electric zap sound effect free around their house and had some lunch, then went off driving again – you’ve got to wear sunglasses otherwise there is no way you can see where you’re going! Our boogie broke down and there was someone at the end who was able to help us straight away and we were able to use his boogie to be able to continue with the lap. We got back to the main 8 gas laws place and had to wait for our pictures which was $40.00 and we had got given the wrong pictures without realising and then got on the coach, where the guy had to chase us and give us the correct disc gas vs electric oven cost for our pictures. We then got onto the coach and then went to the beach – by the time you wireless electricity how it works got in the sea it was time to get back on the coach again. All of us got back on the coach waiting to be driven back to our allocated hotels but nobody knew what they were doing or going, they kept telling us to get on and off different coaches etc. At the end of the trip from getting our pictures, to going gas x ultra strength directions to the beach and getting to the hotel it was a nightmare it was really disorganised and nobody would tell you what was going on or didn’t speak English so they couldn’t help you. It took u ages getting back to the hotel when it really shouldn’t have taken us that long.