Further disappointment and defeat for aek aek archives la gasolina letra


This weekend saw us lose 2-1 to Panaitolikos, a loss which dropped us down to 7th in the league. The loss also means we stay stuck on 17 points and after a quick glance at the table, its pretty alarming to see that we are almost as close points wise to last place Apollon as we are to 1st place PAOK. Not really where you expect to see last season’s Champions eh?

As if the loss wasn’t disappointing enough, we found out a few days later that Bakasetas, Lambropoulos, and Simoes are unlikely to feature in the roster any longer after they weren’t able to agree on new deals with the team. It seems as though Bakasetas and Lambropoulos, on top of not agreeing to a new contract, are also holding out for deals with teams outside of Greece. Meanwhile, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the same be true for Simoes. Its disappointing, if nothing other than for the fact that all three players were so critical in our success over the last two seasons. gas density at stp At this point, we really don’t have the depth on our roster to be able to afford losing all three, so this will certainly be another blow to the team.

Well, as if the few days leading up to our Champions League clash with Ajax weren’t disappointing enough, all of the previous events were topped off with a 2-0 loss to Ajax in Athens. Yep, that’s yet another Champions League game that ended in a loss and at this rate, it looks like we won’t even manage to score a single point this season. Don’t get me wrong, we were never favourites in this group. But not even a single point? I wasn’t even expecting that…

Of course, everyone online is demanding that Ouzounidis be fired and while I don’t know if that will do any good at this point, its not surprising that we’ve reached that point. I mean, its not even Christmas and we’re already out of the Championship and European football, and the Cup is hardly and consolation considering the expectations that we had prior to the start of the season. gas pedal lyrics But looking back, I guess I can’t say I’m all that surprised. What did we do during the off-season to improve the team? Realistically, not much at all. In fact, I think its quite clear now that we’ve taken a few steps back.

Ouzounidis wasn’t a bad move, at least I didn’t think so at the time, but its hard to replace a character and coach like Jimenez. And as for the players, well aside from losing some of the best players we had last season, all we did was add a few promising youngsters with little professional experience. gasbuddy So to be at the stage we’re at now, I guess nobody can really be surprised. Disappointed? Sure, but definitely not surprised.

Should we get rid of Ouzounidis now? I don’t know, its hard to know if its really worth it. We can’t get anything out of Europe now and I’d say the Championship is all but lost now. Honestly though I’d say for his own reputation he would be better off if he left. electricity notes class 10 pdf I still don’t think hes a bad coach, but he definitely wasn’t set up with a team to succeed this year. When you look at the way players like Simoes and Livaja have been playing this year, players who were amazing for us last year, its hard to really blame the coach. One thing worth keeping in mind though is that Jimenez is available again after being sacked early on by Las Palmas. Its probably too early to see him back with us for a third time, but I wouldn’t be surprised if we do see him on the bench for us again at some point in the future.

What a disappointment yest’s game was! I made an extra effort to be at the game, i had a good feeling about this game, that we were going to take it, or at least a tie and do something againts Benfica, but no such luck! We held them off till Livaia’s hand i think? It was hard to tell from where we were sitting and havent seen any replays yet. Anyway, extremely disappointed with Livaia and his lack of support to the team with his crappy attitude! He seems to be more concerned about his hair style than supporting the team.

There were some interesting banners against UEFA/FIFA, stating they were more concerened about “pyrotechnics” , than corruption, bribes, and offshore accounts. Numerous announcements came up asking the fans to take down the banners but i am sure the team will face a penalty over this. At the other end of the arena where the Ajax fans were sitting, there was some violence there. Word got out that PAO fans were sitting there and some clashes took place, tear gas was used to calm them down, i am sure the team will get punished over that too! Anyway, a disappointing night but it was still nice to be there once again and see the CL sendoni being waved in OAKA for us. o goshi Shame we wouldnt be there next year.