Galina-a-anikeeva addenda thirty four. 7 gas station


[ Thursday, 6 December, 2018] – {12:00} – At about 11:41 Bob (flat 22) drove out in the dark green (reg.51) car with a metal box (steel plus black) which looked more "high-tech" than an ordinary tool box. electricity trading hubs I first thought it was Michael because of the sports black cap. He was busy talking on his mobile and used blue plastic in the booth. Michael drives that car and Mazda as well. He drove in just before Bob drove out. Time-wise Michael and his mother (?- flat 24 with blackened windows) today seemed to have pulled the plastic tape from my post-box.

[ Friday, 7 December, 2018] – 3 scans: two of a letter from Mrs KARLA-JEAN BAILEY of Parker Torrington Ltd and one of an emergency poster I made on the eve of a supposed fire safety treatment of our doors, – which never happened ! The notice (A4 poster) never identified WHO was supposed to be coming that day, but we were asked ….. to leave our doors OPEN. electricity ground explained That notice was signed by …. electricity 101 episode 1 John TORRINGTON himself, the scan can be seen in my previous post Addenda Thirty Three:

This morning I have asked the man at the far entrance of Morrison if he was Italian. I assumed he and another one were Italians. He said no, and fell silent. As I asked at the Gosport Borough Council desk who the Leader was, I was surprised it was Mark HOOK. electricity 101 video I thought he was retired. Well, it then occurred to me, that there was some likeness between the two men. electricity vocabulary words As for Mark Hook, I had once noticed he seemed to have "gypsy spark" in him. Josephine, who Diana met on her way to Holland by Ferry, and her gypsy family in Arnhem, it’s a small world ! ELAINE I spoke to the other day in Gosport Morrison supermarket, revealed her surname as Wallis, ref. dutchess Simpson Wallis. When I told her that she had a strong resemblance with Diana Pidwell, she was not as curious and enthusiastic about meeting Diana. electricity joules Strange.

My immediate reply was: They are not Russian. I was there to solve problems of inter-cultural communications and ran into extremely hostile reactions from 3 Russians, who were already there and saw my appearance on a corporate scene as a threat (?). One was SHELL top manager from London, Elena Baylis (sp?). Back in Lagos, I heard about her in the Greek church, which was surprising, as it was Cold War time. electricity usage calculator south africa Another was manager Ivanov from Moscow office, who, entering P.Beest office and seeing me, said: I don’t want Galina here. P. Beest told him I was his consultant and we sat at the table piled up with faxes, sent to Moscow, which were not replied to. Third Russian was the translator from Perm.

There was a major change in independent/free-lance work for big corporations such as SHELL, – you had to work via THIRD PARTIES (middlemen), who actually made their living via professional translators, but had no understanding what and how was being done. I opted out. It was also time when so-called Emergency/ Fire drills were introduced, – rather primitive algorithm, just as depicted in university series of humor-satire books "Jokular Physics" in US and "Fiziki Shutiat" – in Soviet, (Russian+) universities.