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I had my gallbladder removed 4 months ago and I’ve had hell ever since. Bloating , gained 10 lbs the first 8 weeks post surgery. I’ve been eating no fat, no carbs, no sugars as much as I can. I’m 5’9" and pre surgery weight was 130-140. I now weigh 150 and it feels like most of the weight went straight to my stomach. I look as though I’m pregnant. I’m taking probiotics, enzymes , vitam D drops, mitocore, omega +COQ10 and I’m eating less than 1,000 a day now. The weight gain has stalled but I can’t lose those 12 pounds to save my life and I’m starving. I continued to have abdominal pain after surgery and a weird roll up high on m abdomen right under my ribs. I’ve also had pain on my right side . Last night the pain in my mid right side became so intense , I went to the ER. The CT scan revealed that my appendix was inflamed and inverted (which seems odd to me .. why hasn’t anyone noticed this before ? Did this happen during gallbladder surgery? ) anyway, I had emergency appendectomy this morning. By chance , the surgeon who removed my gallbladder was on call and he also removed my appendix. He said my appendix was hard to get to and really stuck down In my colon (or intestines) and a real !**@! to get out. I asked him if there was a connection between the gallbladder and appendix and he said it was just a coincidence. I told him about the weight gain after gallbladder removal and constant aches and cold feet , bloating ect.. He emphatically said " that has NOTHING to do with the removal of your gallbladder!" I said " so it’s just a coincidence that the day after my surgery i suddenly gained all this weight bc of my age and metabolism slowing down or something?! He got very defensive and said after I go to med school for 5 years then I could argue that it was connected. I explained that what I was suggesting is that it changed the metabolic chemistry in my body and thus , was a result of not having my gallbladder. He calmed down and said he’d misunderstood what I was saying (not sure how). He then suggested I take probiotics , get my thyroid levels tested (I did that and it’s within normal range ( I have hoshimotos ) He then suggested adding fiber to my diet , having my hormones tested Inflammation testing Stop eating meat ( I’ve been vegetarian for 12 yrs) And when I told him what dr I’d been seeing for these tests , he said she’s great and said.. well, it sounds like you’ve done just about everything you should be doing but you should stick to a strict diet. I started to cry and explained that I’m starving all the time and I’m frustrated and feeling defeated. So many ppl tell me that it’s because I’m not eating enough and my body is in starvation mode and storing everything to fat. That’s just not true.i started to eat low fat and only healthy meals after surgery twice a day and that’s when I gained the weight. The only way Ive managed to stop gaining is when I eat one fat free , sugar free, carb free meal a day . I’ve cheated and had pasta twice and each time I weighed 2 lbs more the next morning. He then told me to follow a strict paleo diet. What puzzles me is that this dr who just suggested that I do all these things that my other dr has me doing , is the same dr who’s just yelled at me and told me there was no connection to my weight gain and the removal of my gallbladder. Do drs know what some of us are in for and just not telling us ? Or do they really believe we are just over eating ? Also, this is the same dr who poked his head in right before my gallbladder surgery and said to me .. " After surgery, eat whatever you want !" What the hell ?