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new to this. I have been having problems for over a month now. Started one day (thought I was having heartburn) and took over the counter meds which did not help. Went power quiz questions to the doctor w/ severe pain in the chest (heaviness), nausea, gas, bloating, etc. They put me on nexium. I have been on this for several weeks now and I am still having problems. I always feel full (I have not gas out appetite). When I do eat, my stomach bloats out and the right side (under my rib cage) hurts and it seems like it takes a long time for my food to digest. If you press under my ribs on the right side, it hurts. They did an ultrasound and said my gall bladder was fine. They think this is IBS, but I am not sure. Did I mention that I have had diarrhea and that it looks weird (kind of yellow/light brown) and that I am not peeing regular and when I do it is dark? Something is not right, I just don’t know what. They eon gas card top up want to put me on bentyl and send me in for a scan of some sort for my gallbladder. My question is this, for those of you who have been through the gallbladder or Ibs problems, are these symptoms that you encountered? Some days I am so miserable bp gas prices ny I can hardly stand it. Any help would be so much appreciated.

thanks so much for everyone’s input. I went and had a nuclear scan (I guess that gas and supply shreveport is what you call a hyda scan). I went in and they started an iv, made me sit out in the waiting area for an hour and then brought me back and injected more medicine in me and scanned my gall bladder for 30-40 minutes. It hurt! Felt sick to my stomach and my side really hurt (I was told it might hurt, but I guess I thought it wouldn’t). It set whatever is going on in my stomach off! My chest felt like it was going to explode the rest of the night and I had pain all afternoon. They would not give me the results, so I am waiting to hear. The medicine they gave me for IBS electricity how it works is a joke. It does not grade 9 current electricity test work. It all comes down to this. If I don’t eat, I don’t hurt (may have some pain the right side, but nothing like I do when I eat). I am so frustrated. We leave for Florida in 2 weeks to take my kids to Disney and I just know that I am going to be dealing w/ this problem and the doctors just don’t seem to care. I will talk w/ the doctor about the issues you brought up (about the bile) and see what they say. Thanks for information.

Wow gas exchange in the lungs, mkallen, your symptoms are EXACTLY the same as mine. I have been suffering with this for 3 freakin years now, and as a guy, I just always put it off electricity voltage in canada and never went to the Dr. When I did about a year ago, they just said IBS. I was like no way IBS could cause this much constant pain and poop problems. So, I took their joke of a medicine which did nothing, then decided to get painkillers online instead. Then, it got much worse to the point where painkillers didn’t stop it. I had a complete workup done: endo/colonoscopy, CT scan, and finally, an excruciating HIDA scan. I was not prepared for that at all. Of course, it wasn’t functioning, so now I am scheduled to get it out in 2 weeks and I got some more pain meds. It’s still killing me as I write this. I really j gastrointest oncol impact factor wish you replied with how yours went. Luckily, my IBS diagnosing Dr. was worried that I had lost a lot of weight because I stopped eating because I am TERRIFIED of food now, which k gas cylinder helped him rush along all these tests. I just hope this will all be over soon. Also, it runs in my family, and my mom was nagging me to get it checked out but I was too lazy. Guess they are always right