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Thursday night’s tilt on the road against the Sacramento Kings had all the makings of a “schedule loss.” After all, the Los Angeles Clippers were on the second night of a back-to-back, had to travel, and had to face a team that was on three days rest and likes to run opponents out of the gym. So, how did the Clippers manage to win this? Well, they got a lot of help from their best players. gas vs electric oven review Namely: Tobias Harris.

The 26-year old forward managed to pour in 28 points, as well as chipping in with six rebounds and four assists. Harris was 11-for-17 from the field, 3-for-5 from deep, and made all three of his free throw attempts. But it was his second half work that really carried the Clippers across the finish line. He scored 17 points and made six of his seven shots in the game’s final 24 minutes. That’s what we’re going to look at.

We pick up the action starting midway through the third quarter as the Clippers lead the Kings by five points. It starts with Shai Gilgeous-Alexander dribbling up into a screen being set by Montrezl Harrell at the left elbow. But that little wrinkle Harrell throws in here of hesitating before fully rolling causes Iman Shumpert to leave Tobias Harris wide open in the corner.

As Gilgeous-Alexander drives, he draws Willie Cauley-Stein over to him, and that forces Sacramento to rotate over with the help defense. Harris is standing in the corner, receives the pass, and knocks down the three after getting a favorable bounce. The ability that the Clippers have to space him out to corners is valuable, and he’s become one of the better shot makers in the game.

On the ensuing possession by the Sacramento Kings, De’Aaron Fox gets a ball screen from Willie Cauley-Stein at the left wing and drives to the nail for a pull-up jumper. gas and sand However, rookie point guard Shai Gilgeous-Alexander jumps back into the play and blocks the shot as the trailing defender. Tobias Harris then secures the ball and proceeds to do what he does best — score.

A little less than two minutes later, the ball is in the hands of Tobias Harris after Gilgeous-Alexander passes it to him. Montrezl Harrell attempts to run some screen-and-roll action, but rookie big man Marvin Bagley hedges over the top of the screen and denies the switch. Harris then tries to work one-on-one against Bagley, but he ends up losing the ball as he goes into his spin move, so he passes back out.

Gilgeous-Alexander gets the ball from Harris with five on the shot clock and immediately passes it back to the forward. gas tax by state The time is dwindling down and Harris attacks with one dribble to the left and a pull-up jumper. Nothing but net. It puts the Clippers back up by eight points. This season, Tobias Harris is shooting 22-for-39 (56.4 percent) on shots taken from 16-to-24 feet. The man is a born scorer, and he showed one of the facets of his scoring potential here.

We jump ahead to the fourth quarter now and see the Clippers running a side out of bounds set. Gilgeous-Alexander and Harris run a little dribble handoff on the right wing after the inbounds pass is made, and then Harris flows perfectly into a pick-and-roll with Montrezl Harrell. electricity and magnetism worksheets 8th grade But the Kings defend it well, and the Clippers then have Avery Bradley receive the ball on a handoff.

Ultimately, the ball gets back into the hands of Harris after Bradley turns the corner and tries to find the forward in the corner. With the shot clock dwindling down, Harris dribbles against Cauley-Stein for a brief second before settling into a stepback crossover three-pointer that finds nothing but net. It pushes the Los Angeles lead back to seven with just over six minutes remaining. static electricity review worksheet Harris is now shooting 19-for-34 (55.9 percent) on pull-up threes. This is a big time shot by a big time player in a big time moment.

On their next possession, Shai Gilgeous-Alexander has the ball at the top of the key before working it to Montrezl Harrell at the right elbow. From there, the Clippers operate a screen handoff between Harrell and Tobias Harris. That enables Harris to curl off the handoff hard to the lane, which he then uses to allow himself to get into the teeth of the defense before finishing through contact with a layup.

One of the areas of improvement for Harris this season has been getting into the lane and finishing around the rim. This season, he’s shooting 60.6 percent inside of eight feet. Last season, it was only 54.9 percent. Harris has especially improved as a driver, where he’s shooting 54.4 percent on such plays this season, according to Second Spectrum. electricity facts It was only 47.6 percent last season. That improvement has helped his overall game.

Lastly, a loose ball happens after Gilgeous-Alexander flat out owns De’Aaron Fox in the backcourt and pokes the ball away. It’s picked up by Tobias Harris, and it ignites what was seemingly the beginning of the end for the Sacramento Kings. gas after eating yogurt Harris gets the ball and pushes it ahead before flipping it up for a lob layup to Montrezl Harrell. The big man finishes through the contact.

Perhaps this isn’t an amazing view of some tremendous offensive play that Harris makes all the time, but it showcases how much better he’s become as an all-around offensive talent. His passing ability has improved a lot, and he’s averaging 3.0 assists per game over the last nine contests. Harris is a willing passer when teams send multiple defenders at him, which they’re starting to do, and that added versatility has aided the team in continuing this great run to start the season.

As things currently stand, Tobias Harris is on pace to become the first player in NBA history to ever average at least 21.7 points and 8.7 rebounds per game while shooting at least 44.0 percent from beyond the arc. That’s right. electricity and magnetism worksheets 5th grade No one else has ever done that. Not Dirk Nowitzki; not anyone. That’s the type of season the 8th-year forward has had thus far.