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Come join us in celebrating Wintersday! Toymaker Tixx has made his annual visit to Divinity’s Reach to spread seasonal cheer and festivity through a variety of activities. Complete daily achievements to earn fanciful holiday weapons, give the orphans of Divinity’s Reach wrapped gifts, test your snow-throwing skills in Snowball Mayhem, experience the joy of jumping in Winter Wonderland, defend against waves of toys in Toypocalypse, and help keep Tixx’s airship, the Infinirarium, in order! Wintersday gifts will also be appearing all around Tyria during the festivities.

Following up on the previous balance release, we’re continuing to update weapon traits to offer more meaningful options when players are not using the related weapons while also enhancing those weapons’ playstyles if the player is using them. In particular, we updated a fair amount of warrior weapon traits and a few remaining traits in other professions.

This update reworks all traits that react automatically to incoming control effects by applying control effects on the attacker. Traits that immediately punish players for successfully landing their skills, particularly when they are not very visible, teach the wrong things. The reworked traits are intended to encourage more active play and to provide new opportunities for the defender without outright punishing the attacker.

In addition to crowd-control trait reworks, this update also addresses traits that deal instant damage and how they affect the game. gasbuddy map The large majority of these traits have had their base damage increased while removing their ability to critically hit in order to improve pacing and reduce time-to-kill in competitive game modes. Certain traits that serve as the main source of a build’s damage in both PvE and competitive modes have been modified so that they require critical hits in order to deal maximum damage, giving conditions like weakness more value.

Finally, we’re making changes to encourage more variety in boon-based support builds. To start, we are opening up select skills for different professions that will allow them to share boons directly with up to ten allies. In addition, we’ll be reducing which boons mesmers and their specializations can apply since chronomancer is currently stifling other options due to its ability to easily apply all boons with Signet of Inspiration. Our goal here is to give value to different professions and specializations by making them all adept at applying specific boons to their allies so that multiple professions are needed in order to cover all boons. General

In this update, there have been some modifications to tempest overloads to allow for 10-target applications of select boons. We’ve also made some quality-of-life changes for the scepter weapon. Most of the instant-damage traits have been standardized so that they do not critically hit, but Electric Discharge will retain its full damage capability when it critically hits a foe.

Scrapper has received a few updates with this release, with the goal of dealing a bit more damage in the thick of battle. Final Salvo, the gyro-centric Grandmaster trait, has been merged with the Master tier trait Expert Examination. Kinetic Stabilizers, a new and more opportunistic damage trait, takes its Grandmaster spot. electricity through wood Elixir U’s tool-belt skill was providing too much quickness, so it’s been replaced with group superspeed. We also removed the autocasting Elixir S from Emergency Elixir and replaced it with Elixir E, since we felt that the instant, full invulnerability granted by that trait was too powerful when compared to similar traits. The new Elixir E still grants strong defense in the form of barrier on a lower cooldown, but it gives aggressors more options for counterplay.

A major goal for guardian in this update was to give it a more solid flow of firebrand combat in raid scenarios. lafayette la gas prices This involved reducing some cooldowns, giving more access to group quickness and fury, and allowing stability to affect a full ten allies. Next, access to tomes has been too high and allowed for little to no counterplay. To remedy this, we adjusted cooldowns in the game modes we deemed problematic and tweaked some traits that automatically refresh defensive virtues. Glacial Heart has had a larger rework based on adjustments made to both weapon and instant-damage traits and will now directly affect the hammer weapon itself.

• Glacial Heart: This trait no longer inflicts area damage upon critically hitting a foe. Instead, it now inflicts a single strike that chills enemies for 2 seconds if they have been disabled by the guardian, regardless of which weapon is equipped. The base damage of this trait has been reduced by 50%, and it can no longer critically hit. Equipping this trait now modifies Mighty Blow into Glacial Blow, increasing damage by 17% while chilling enemies it hits for 2.5 seconds at the cost of an increased recharge time that is now 6 seconds instead of 4 seconds. The baseline hammer skills have a reduced recharge time because this trait no longer reduces cooldowns.

The change to Mimic prevents it from being reset by the chronomancer’s Continuum Split skill. This is intended to prevent multiplicative power in the mesmer’s kit. We want Mimic to be a skill that allows for unique flexibility in mesmer builds, but its double-casting function created multiplicative power when combined with Continuum Split. This change also gave us the opportunity to give Mimic a scaling recharge time in order make it more versatile for general play.

Neither of these changes are intended to alter the chronomancer’s identity as a build focused around quickness and alacrity. no electricity jokes However, the power these two skills allowed chronomancers made them a one-stop shop for every boon in the game, which was crowding out other potential roles in raid compositions. electricity trading strategies In order to reinforce this direction, we’ve also added quickness and alacrity enhancements to wells.

In addition to updating several necromancer traits that deal instant damage, we’ve also done a pass on the Soul Reaping specialization line. The Master tier traits were especially uneven with most of the power concentrated in Vital Persistence. Spectral Mastery was removed due to how its functionality overlapped with what spectral skills already did, and spectral skills themselves have received several enhancements to make them better as stand-alone utilities.

Right now, spirits are playing an important role in our difficult end-game content by providing unique enhancements. When a trait is equipped with Nature’s Vengeance, spirits also serve as low-cost boon generators. In this update, we made select changes to Nature’s Vengeance to reduce the boon output and to clean up the trait. Depending on how these changes work out, we may further adjust spirits in the future.

Since we removed the counter-taunt from Eye for an Eye, we felt it was a good time to adjust some of the more passive traits in the Retribution line, like Steadfast Rejuvenation and Dwarven Battle Training. We also noticed that heralds have been underperforming in some game modes since their rework, so we’ve bumped up the numbers on their F2 skills, and we’ve reduced the recharge time for a few of the consume skills in PvE.

When we changed malice to no longer generate over time in an earlier update, we also carried over the portion of Death’s Judgment that could not be blocked. However, now that it takes a shorter time to build malice, we no longer feel like this benefit is necessary. electricity for refrigeration heating and air conditioning 9th edition answers Additionally, we’ve toned down the initial burst of damage that the thief can apply by removing the ability to stack Lead Attacks when outside of combat. We’ve also had the opportunity to update thief weapon traits to the new standard of having a baseline value in addition to the benefits while wielding that weapon.

• Swindler’s Equilibrium: The cooldown of this trait has been reduced from 20 seconds (30 seconds in competitive game modes) to 10 seconds in all game modes. It now reduces the cooldown of Steal by 50% (25% in competitive game modes) instead of 100%. This trait no longer increases damage by a percentage and instead grants 120 power with an additional 120 power granted if the thief is also wielding a sword.

Full Counter has functionally different uses in competitive game modes when compared to PvE, so we’ve further split this skill between game modes in order to emphasize this difference. We also cleaned up several weapon traits that were not included in the last update. Lastly, many warrior weapon traits now offer enhancements regardless of weapon while still providing additional bonuses when using specific weapons.

• As part of the roller beetle racing event, and for a limited time, the new Mini Trailblazer Roller Beetle is available for free in the Style category of the Gem Store. The matching Trailblazer roller beetle skin is available in the Desert Racer Mount Adoption License and the Desert Racer Mount Select License via the Style category of the Gem Store.

• For a limited time, the following categories of minis are available when using Black Lion Miniature Claim Tickets: Many Merry Minis, Elementals, Krytan Humans, Norn, and Shiverpeaks. Black Lion Miniature Claim Tickets are dropped from Black Lion Chests. Keys for these chests can be found in the Utility category of the Gem Store for 125 gems each.