Garmin t5 additional gps dog tracking collar. $249.99. free shipping us48 gas turbine


The T5 is a GPS TRACKING collar only — no remote dog training collar features. The T5 can be used alongside DC-20, DC-30, DC-40, and DC-50 tracking collars. The T5 is also compatible with the Alpha 100 (tracking only). The T5 is NOT compatible with the Astro 220 handheld.

The Astro/T5 Combo comes standard with an orange collar strap. Additional collars come from the factory with a blue strap. We give you the option of 10 different strap colors: Orange, Black, Blue, Green, Red, Yellow, White, Silver, Pink, or Violet so you can easily keep up with different dogs!

The T5 features an orange GPS/GLONASS receiver to make it easy to differentiate T5 collars from other models. The GPS/GLONASS receiver antenna is on top of the dog’s neck like on the old DC-30 but without the horrible nylon collar strap. Get better, faster GPS tracking with increased sensitivity.

These whip antennas take all the abuse a hunting dog can give it in the rough terrain where you hunt. The T5 comes with a VHF antenna made from BRAIDED STEEL. This antenna is the same design used on the Alpha TT 10 and 15. We have really been pleased with these antennas, and they are very tough — especially compared to the old designs on the DC 30 and DC 40.

Just like the DC 50, the T5 uses a 1-inch wide plastic coated "Glo" collar strap that is popular with most hunters and Field Trial dog owners. These straps hold up better than regular nylon or leather collars and come in 10 different colors so you can keep up with your different dogs. Choose an Orange, Black, Blue, Green, Red, Yellow, White, Silver, Pink, or Violet collar strap. Fits neck sizes between 13-inches and 22-inches and features a solid K-9 metal collar buckle with metal keeper.

The T5 is compatible with both the Astro 430 and 320, and Alpha 100 handhelds (tracking function only with Alpha). This now lets Alpha users who need a system they can use in competitions legally run T5 tracking collars. Also, folks that buy the Astro 430 with T5 collars can continue to use the T5 collars in the future if they ever switch over to the Alpha handheld.

When the battery on a tracking collar dies, finding a missing a dog gets a lot more difficult. When the collar battery drops to 25% life, RESCUE MODE changes the update rate to a 2-minute ping to extend battery life which gives you the maximum amount of hours to find a lost dog. Rescue mode is not the default setting. You have to turn it on under SETTINGS. I can’t think of a good reason NOT to run your collar in rescue mode because there’s no downside to using it.

Using BaseStation, you can take your handheld while you’re tracking dogs and plug it into your computer, letting you view your dogs on your laptop’s screen. HOW TO: First download Garmin’s Base Station Software. Then plug your handheld into your computer‘s USB port to see the Tracking screen on your computer. We’ve got guys that are working out of vehicles and they are tired of looking at a small screen all the time. They want to set up a computer in their vehicle and be able to view the tracking. You still use a handheld to track, but view your dogs on your laptop screen instead of a small handheld. Garmin says it’ll track on the computer "real-time," but it’s the same update rate that you have on your system — 5, 10, 30, or 120 seconds between updates.