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All I can do is explain what I hear most often here in southwest Ohio, a part of the Midwest where there are, admittedly, not a lot of people from elsewhere. Yet most people here, which gas leak chicago is strong Trump country, recognize that they themselves are the descendants of immigrants. They fully support legal immigration and we welcome newcomers gas after eating eggs into our little rural town of about 7,000 about an hour east of Cincinnati.

The steady stream of stories and anecdotes describing the positive contributions of immigrants seldom makes clear that the fight is over illegal immigration, not immigration in general. Most people, left and right, empathize with people who want to reach the United i electricity bill com States in search of a better life, even those who try to enter illegally. But they also understand that embedded within any large group are some criminal elements. We see it as logical to take tough measures, including walls and other barriers, to make it as difficult as possible for people to circumvent the legal means of entering the United States.

It is standard these days for Trump’s critics static electricity diagram to argue that his claims of a border emergency are diluted by the fact that, as the Associated Press has noted, illegal border crossings are down from a high of 1.6 million in 2000. That number, however, represents not how many people crossed illegally but how many were apprehended. By comparison, U.S. Customs and Border Protection statistics show apprehensions were down to just under 400,000 in fiscal 2018.

Another common argument electricity cost las vegas, as The Post reported last year, is that undocumented immigrants are considerably less likely to commit crime than native-born citizens. For millions of Americans, the response is So what? Using Texas conviction rates from 2015, the Cato Institute study cited by The Post article indicated that about 1,800 of every 100,000 natural-born citizens are convicted of crimes, with about electricity news in nigeria 3 of them in every 100,000 convicted of homicide. By comparison, only about 900 of every 100,000 illegal immigrants are convicted of crimes, including about 2.5 of every 100,000 who are convicted is there a gas station near me of homicide.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., warned Republicans that if Trump’s emergency declaration stands, it could lead to future presidents exercising such authority on the issues of gun control or climate change regulations. How courts ultimately will rule on Trump’s emergency declaration is unknown, but a president trying to secure the border — a constitutional priority of any president — likely stands a better chance of a favorable decision than similar declarations on gun control, climate change or other domestic issues.

Despite popular e suvidha electricity bill lucknow portrayals to the contrary, most Americans who support building more miles of walls and better securing the border in other ways are not driven by racism, hate or ignorance. They are instead motivated by what was once considered basic common sense. Just because statistics show electricity sources in canada threats already exist inside our borders is no reason not to use every legal means possible to prevent additional threats to our safety and security from outside.