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Honestly, I am troubled. I was in Birmingham, Alabama in 1972 and was caught up in the demonstrations in the spirit of Martin Luther King to promote non-violent responses to injustice. What impressed me most about Dr. King was his statement that forgiveness had to take place before healing and reunification can take place. There are no prayers of forgiveness here at the GA. There are no prayers of reconciliation of all of us as God’s people here. When I mentioned my time as a law enforcement officer of over 32 years and my concern that without giving consideration to those in the profession who are Presbyterian and the impact absolute repudiation of an entire profession dedicated to self-sacrifice and Constitutional principles, I was told that sometimes it is best that those in conflict with the church (translated their church) to leave. When the moderator candidates were asked how the denomination would address the churches, pastors and members who have left the Presbyterian Church. The response was that often it is good for those in conflict with the church (translated their church) to leave. Ironically in the same breath, those responsible for finances informed those in attendance that revenue is severely reduced due to the reduction of church and giving. Their response? Raise the per capita. As I left this afternoon to return to the motel, I decided I will not return for the last two days of the conference. It is not worth the emotional and physical toll. After the 15th time of singing “We Shall Overcome” I prayed to God for guidance. God said to stay away and reflect on what God’s mission is in our world. I will be listening to what the Spirit says. In the teachings of Jesus, I will strive to forgive. I am not quite there yet, but I will be there soon.

It is not uncommon that those who cause the most damage are the ones doing most of the complaining, Much like a child watching their parent, the citizenry of this country are imitating their public officials. By public, I include elected, appointed, celebrities, sports figures and media. I watched the events of Ferguson, Missouri unfold on Monday night, Every tine a fire was lit, ten cameras ran to document the event. I wonder what would have happened if no media representatives had been in Ferguson and news outlets refused to report on the violence?

Senator Ted Cruz from Texas said that since the President acted alone on immigration, he was pushing to refuse to confirm any of Obama’s appointees. Kind of reminds me of the kid who takes his football home because he doesn’t like the rules of the game. Come on Senator, how about working in the system and show some statesmanship? Partisanship has a place in our society for checks and balances, not for personal gain for further political advancement. Why do our kids isolate themselves, cheat and put themselves first? Because they have watched our public officials do so for at least a decade now.

We can make a difference. Let’s stop the media amnesia and short term forgiveness for the sake of our team’s success or for some sort of personal satisfaction watching someone getting crucified in the public arena. Let’s decry the public spectacle of “killing Christians” by lions with media bashing of individuals. Respect for one another goes beyond skin color and to the heart of the human soul.