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Some people may try eating better to reduce bloating after a meal and the symptoms of SIBO only to find that it seems to make things worse. gas 99 cents a litre The gas, cramping and bloating may increase with a change in diet because some of the “healthier foods” such as broccoli, Brussels sprouts, lettuce, apples, blueberries, and bananas contain high amounts of fructose. (See list of ‘Foods Fermented by Small Intestine Bacteria’ above).

SIBO can be diagnosed by several different methods. The most accurate method, but very costly, is to have a doctor perform an endoscopy that measures the amount of bacteria found in the fluid in the small intestine. Easier methods include a breath test that measures methane and hydrogen gases that are produced by fermentation. However, a breath test can be expensive, and will often show false negatives for SIBO. Thus, not accurately diagnosing SIBO more than half the time. Organic acid testing is another tool that can be used as well. gas ks In my clinical practice, I find the most practical and comprehensive way to determine if a patient has developed SIBO is by using a specialized 24-Hour Urine Analysis, in combination with a Fasting and a Postprandial Exam (after eating). shell gas credit card 5 This method not only diagnoses SIBO accurately, but it also identifies most of the underlying causes of SIBO, so your body can heal from SIBO.

The traditional medical approach to treat SIBO is to use antibiotics to clear out bacterial overgrowth in the small intestine. My patients have found that this has limited results. Usually the patient’s symptoms rapidly improve in a few days, but their symptoms return with a vengeance in a month or two and may become worse. So the physician places them on antibiotics again, only to have SIBO symptoms return again. The problem with this approach is that the antibiotics destroy both the good and bad bacteria in the microbiome. o gosh This creates a sterile resistant medium for harmful bacteria and yeast to grow that even probiotics cannot solve.

About 60% of the people who have SIBO will also have fungal overgrowth at the same time. This is called SIFO – S mall I ntestine F ungal O vergrowth. Essentially SIFO is Candida or Candiasis, combined with SIBO. gasbuddy va The traditional medicine approach is kind of like going to war on the bacteria with an unabridged scorched earth attack. chapter 7 electricity You may win the initial short-term battle only to become embroiled in a long and lasting war that devastates the host.

Our focus is on stimulating the immune system to fight the harmful bacteria, reducing intake of fermentable foods, and restoring the ‘good’ or friendly bacteria. In the process, we employ specific probiotics that have been proven to restore the balance between good and harmful bacteria, and sometimes we may use specific herbs to reduce overgrowth of harmful bacteria. Over time, patients are able to restore their intestinal health with lasting improvement. Read about Melinda’s Success Story

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