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• The Richmond, Indiana explosion, on Saturday a level physics electricity equations, April 6, 1968. Two explosions occur in mid-afternoon, in the middle of downtown Richmond, Indiana. The first is caused by a natural gas leak, and the second, by gunpowder and ammunition inside a sporting goods store. 41 people are killed and more than 150 injured. Four square blocks of downtown Richmond, Indiana, are heavily damaged by the explosion or subsequent fire.

• In April 28, 1995, Daegu Subway Line 1 Chapter 1-2 range interval is an explosion occurred on construction sites. The accident caused the accident area in the south west point Daegu Department Store Merchant grouting for new gasbuddy diesel construction sites for drilling a 75mm hole drilling 31 drills by mistake by the city gas pipeline through the holes by punching the gas leak, near drain through a subway construction site been introduced into the explosion by fire of unknown cause is the one to buy. Of 50 m with an explosion of fire soared, and killed 101 people, include 42 Dalseo Sangindong high school students, 202 people were injured in Sangindong, Daegu, South Korea. [ citation needed]

• The Humberto Vidal Explosion (sometimes also referred to as the Río Piedras Explosion) was a gas explosion that occurred on November 21, 1996, on the Humberto Vidal shoe store located in Río Piedras, Puerto Rico, United States. The explosion killed 33 and wounded 69 others when the building collapsed. It is considered one of the deadliest disasters to have occurred on the island.

• In December 1999, there was a natural gas explosion which completely destroyed one house and severely damaged four other houses in Larkhall, South Lanarkshire. It killed the gas pain relief family of four that lived in the house that exploded. Transco Gas who are responsible for maintaining the Gas Network were fined £15 million as the cause was found to be a severely corroded gas main directly outside the house. [ citation needed]

• On January 17, 2001, natural gas stored underground in Hutchinson, Kansas, leaked into empty brine caverns. Two explosions resulted from the leak. One destroyed two businesses and gas in oil damaged 26 others. Another destroyed a trailer park killing two people. Sinkholes and gas leaks formed all around the city and the gas had to be slowly burned off. [10]

• August 29, 2012, New Milford, Connecticut: An online Associated Press August 29 news article from the Boston Herald stated that, according to the Danbury News-Times, a propane leak explosion killed one man (a friend of the family who lived in the home who was a plumber and had come over to assist), and severely injured the homeowner and the older child of the deceased friend. [ citation needed]

• Richmond Hill explosion: a natural gas explosion in the Richmond Hill neighborhood of southern Indianapolis took place on Saturday, November 10, 2012 austin electricity outage. Two people were killed and about 20 people were injured. The blast caused $4.4 million in damage and 33 homes were damaged severely enough that they needed to be demolished. The explosion was large enough that it registered on IUPUI seismic detectors and was felt for miles. Four people, including the home owner, were charged with felony murder. Prosecutors allege they intentionally caused the explosion for insurance money. [13]

• On November 23, 2012, in Springfield, Massachusetts, a natural gas explosion destroyed two buildings, including one housing a strip club, damaging a total of 42 buildings. Firefighters, police officers and gas company workers were in the area because of an earlier gas leak. The explosion injured a total of 21 people zyklon b gas effects, including 12 of the firefighters that responded to the gas leak. Astonishingly, there were no deaths relating to the explosion. [14]

• On September 15, 2015, in Pennsville, New Jersey, a main gas line explosion and subsequent fast-moving fire destroyed a modified house building, with a second-story apartment. The building was used as the Law Offices of John Jordan. Kline Construction, a South Jersey Gas Company contractor, was e85 gasoline performing work in the area as part of a gas main and renewal project. South Jersey Gas Company is a natural gas company that serves Salem County, NJ, and also has offices in Atlantic County, NJ, and Gloucester County, NJ. Workers from Kline punctured a natural main gas line nearby causing a gas leak into the basement of the building. As the building’s heat source was natural gas, there was a heater electricity in costa rica with a pilot light in the basement. As the gas built up, the heater’s pilot light became the ignition source of the explosion. A year later the company was fined US$300,000 by the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities after their investigation found multiple safety violations. No one was injured in the blast or fire. However, the neighboring homes suffered smoke and structural damage as a result. [17] [18]