Gas grills that don’t rust – topic electricity experiments for 4th graders


The magnetism myth is because the common magnetic grades of stainless steel, 409 and 430, don’t resist corrosion as well as the common non-magnetic grades, 304 and 316. You can’t expect them to. Grade 409 has 11% of chromium, which is plenty for automotive muffler systems.

Grade 430 has 16% of chromium, and is mostly used indoors. Grade 304 has 18% of chromium, which makes it suitable for general purposes, including outdoor exposures. And in marine environments you need Grade 316, which has 16% chromium and also 2% of molybdenum to help it resist the attack of salt. 316 is known as marine grade.

For the record, I’ve had a Weber Genesis e-320 going on ten years now. I used to cover it, but the cover wore out. I couldn’t keep the porcelain coated cast iron grates from rusting even though I took care of them by the book. Weber sent new ones the first time and gave me a good discount on the stainless steel ones the second time. I’ve replaced the flavorizers bars with heavier aftermarket ones, although I’m sure Weber would have taken care of those as well. I need to replace the plastic wheels, but ten years on pavers seems ok.

This is true if you are NOT COOKING with the stainless steel. With heat, you need the nickel content for corrosion resistance in stainless steel. I forgot the exact temperature, but over a certain temperature, the nickel in the s/s alloy is what keeps it from corroding because the other corrosion resistant metals in the s/s are depleted from the heat. Austenitic stainless steel ie non magnetic is what you need for a grill or any other cooking vessel to be very corrosion resistant.

Don’t laugh. My neighbor picked one up in a very expensive neighborhood, an XL that literally was like brand new but the base (bottom half) was cracked. He literally threw out all of the internals and turned it into a flower planter…….then we were talking grills I guess a month after he did all this and I mentioned how expensive they were and he offered it to me…….the base would have been only $350 IF he didn’t throw out all of the internals which were almost new when he turned it into a flower pot. All of the internals and a new base added up to almost the price of the new one, so it’s still a flower planter in his back yard!!!!!

Well we have and for some reason the story he’s telling isn’t the same shit storm story that whet down here when he started his BGE topic and was so outraged when the BGE Mfg wouldn’t warranty or heavily discount parts for his 3rd hand, dumpster diving curbside discarded "Big Green Egg"

I NEVER wanted them to warranty it for free nor heavily discount the parts. I was looking in that posting for a place that had the prices of the parts listed online. So I could simply see what the parts costed instead of waiting for the dealer to open on Monday.

But I’m glad those with a middle school mentality are so easily amused and twist the facts around. Because I simply find it, pretty pathetic, and laugh at you. It’s like the middle school bullies that are now 80 years old and 350lbs, trying to still be, a middle school bully. AND, I don’t even have to watch South Park.

Mustang PAPA= I had never spoken to the manufacturer until well after that thread was over. I was outraged because various people on the forum were trying to say I was a thief when my post was clear that I was looking for prices on the parts.

EXCAM_MAN= YOU MEAN THIS POST????? HERE IS THE ENTIRE POST WITHOUT YOU EDITING IT TO CHANGE WHAT I SAID. The post was looking for WHAT EACH OF THE PARTS COST. But WTG Excam man for once again muddying up someone else’s thread with irrevelant BS that has nothing to do with their topic! None of it does anything positive for other members of this forum.

"SOOOOO is it worth it to try to either warranty out the base OR buy one and buy all of the racks for it? How much does an XL base (bottom half of the grill) cost? I only see ways to warranty it IF you’re the original owner AND you have the reciept, not to buy one. He said I could have it for free.

Here is my Original POST in entirety without you guys trying to take it out of context. I only see ways to warranty it if you’re the original owner, NOT TO BUY ONE. Meaning I don’t see the base for sale, if you’re not the original owner and you need to buy a base for it. Do you guys speak the same English language as people in South Florida or what?

There are many companies that offer a lifetime warranty and will still warranty their product IF you are honest and tell them that you are not the original owner. Delta is one of those companies. SIG is another company that has been known to warranty their guns even if you are not the original owner and tell them you’re not the original owner. My plan like I said earlier is call the local dealer, tell them what happened and the history on the grill, AND ask them what all the parts cost etc. etc. If the manufacturer chooses to warranty it, knowing I am not the original owner and it was given to me in that condition, that is their decision.

I am more than willing to buy the parts IF it’s worth purchasing the parts it needs (and they’re not the same price as buying a complete brand new one.) The base has a visible crack from top to bottom, the liner was cracked according to my neighbor he threw that out and ALL of the hardware (racks and whatever else goes inside of the grill). IM TRYING TO FIGURE OUT WHAT PARTS IT NEEDS AND HOW MUCH THEY COST!!!!!!!!!!! BGE’s website shows crude pictures of the entire grill, but not parts breakdown or diagram of what it has inside.

That being said the entire grill was complete and on the side of the road when my neighbor picked it up in a neighborhood where houses start a $1 million, they throw out all sorts of expensive stuff in that neighborhood all of the time. He’s retired and cruises through it a couple times a week, and takes some to the scrap yard, collects some, sells some, etc. He just picked up a $1000 pro series 34 electric traeger smoker yesterday and didn’t know what he had (I helped him unload it and that’s how he told me about the BGE and showed it to me in his backyard with dirt and a plant in it.) The traeger is in pretty good condition, but I think just needs a heating element.

Do you guys have some sort of language barrier??????? Because out of 10 posts talking about me being unethical of trying to warranty something out when I am asking about buying the parts. And no it’s not unethical, I’m going to call the dealer Monday, tell them the exact story, they’re going to call the manufacturer and tell them the exact story AND if the manufacturer chooses to warranty the base out, then that’s their decision. You people, are acting like I am on here asking for a copy of someone’s original reciept so I can try to warranty it out on false pretences. WTF is wrong with you people?????

If you guys could take this Jimmy issue offline that would be awesome. I have a REAL crisis in here! I grill 2-4 times a week and need the advice of the mighty forum. I am leaning towards a stainless Webber since it will be a cheaper quicker option for cooking. But smoking some food on the BGE is really something to consider.

Personally I think the colored weber will last you just as long as the stainless perhaps longer. The only difference on the inside of the stainless webers are stainless grates, but if you keep enough grease on the regular weber grates, which you do by cooking on it 2-4x a week, they probably will never rust (I think those are cast iron). I use my weber the same 2-4x a week. Most of the base of the stainless weber is regular painted steel.

I have a $3XX weber smokey joe which is a dedicated smoker and does really well, so something else to consider. Or you could just buy a weber gold 22" kettle grill for $1xx and smoke on it or grill something on a charcoal grill once in a while.