Gas line rupture closes nearly mile-long stretch of reservoir street hp gas online payment

WHSV’s Janson Silvers reports that crews have managed to reach the ruptured part of the natural gas line and are working to clamp the leak right now. A gas line rupture in the area of Reservoir Street and Lucy Drive has led to widespread closures and to shelter-in-place advisories for people living in the area. According to the Harrisonburg Department of Public Transportation, Copper Beech and Charleston Townhomes will continue to have service though. It’s believed that a backhoe struck a 6-inch natural gas pipeline during construction in the area. Electricity out Crews are digging into the ground in an attempt to clamp the location of the leak.

WHSV’s Janson Silvers is live on Facebook at the scene of the gas line rupture right now, and you can find that live video at the bottom of this article. The intersection of Lucy Drive and Reservoir Drive, Chase Court, Woodland Drive, and Purple and Gold Way are each closed as crews continue to respond to the gas line rupture believed to have been caused by construction in that area. Crews are running meters throughout the area to monitor natural gas levels, and people in nearby townhomes have been advised to shelter in place.

A gas leak in the area of construction near Lucy Drive on Reservoir Street has led to the southbound lane of Reservoir Street being shut down in that area, and to residents of nearby townhomes needing to shelter in place. According to WHSV’s Janson Silvers, who is on-scene, a 6-inch gas line was hit, likely by a backhoe, and crews are working with the gas company to get the situation under control. This is a natural gas leak, and the spewing gas can be extremely flammable. Gas and sand Due to the danger of the situation, people in the area have been advised to shelter in place, and anyone coming that way is urged to find other routes.

Janson is working to gather more info, and that will be posted here as soon as we have it. 76 gas card login Follow Janson Silvers on Twitter and Facebook for the latest. “Columbia Gas of Virginia is on the scene of a damaged pipeline near Reservoir Street and Woodland Drive in Harrisonburg.

Gas works park Company personnel are working with the Harrisonburg Fire Department to make the situation safe. Columbia Gas of Virginia personnel will need to assess the extent of the damage to the pipeline, make repairs and restore service to any customers left temporarily without service as a result of this event. Gas quality The entire process will take several hours to complete.

Columbia Gas of Virginia reminds any person to take immediate action if you smell natural gas (similar to rotten eggs). Electricity merit badge pamphlet These actions include: * Avoid open flames or anything that could spark ignition – including cell phones, lights, garage doors, door bells, or other power equipment.

* At no charge, Columbia Gas of Virginia technicians will immediately respond, evaluate the odor, make the natural gas facilities safe and make appropriate repairs. This event is a good reminder to always call 811, at least three working day prior to starting any digging project anytime, anywhere. Gas key staking The Virginia811 service is free to callers and is a public safety partnership with all Virginia utility companies and local Virginia law requires using only hand tools when digging within two feet either side of the utility marks. Gas monkey Any type of mechanized equipment is prohibited within the two foot tolerance zone.

Electricity gif Striking a single utility line can cause injury, repair costs, fines and inconvenient outages.” Route 15 and Route 1 having to reroute. Electricity equations physics Copper Beech and Charleston Townes will have service. Gas questions pic.twitter.

com/GqNkK3bOvZ— HDPT (@rideHDPT) September 9, 2016 Crews are working to dig down to reach the pipe so they can clamp it. Gas leak— Janson Silvers (@WHSVJanson) September 9, 2016 Charleston Townhomes are right next to the gas leak.

Gas or electricity for heating Those folks are sheltering in place. Electricity production in north korea Stick with @WHSVnews for more.— Janson Silvers (@WHSVJanson) September 9, 2016 I can really smell the gas now. Gas prices Th sound you HEAR is the GAS leaking.

Electricity distribution companies @WHSVnews— Janson Silvers (@WHSVJanson) September 9, 2016 Intersection of Lucy and Reservoir. Gaz 67 dakar Talk about a response.

Gas in dogs symptoms Believed to be a gas leak. 76 gas station hours @WHSVnews pic.twitter.

com/GsCRHMNSvi— Janson Silvers (@WHSVJanson) September 9, 2016 Reservoir towards the hospital — right lane is closed beginning at Costco. Gas dryer vs electric dryer Work ling for more info @WHSVnews— Janson Silvers (@WHSVJanson) September 9, 2016 Reservoir St. Static electricity in the body is closed in the area of Woodland Dr. Electricity use estimator due to a gas line rupture.

8 gas laws Avoid this area until further notice.— Hburg-Rham ECC (@HRECC) September 9, 2016 Site: