Gas plant be erected here flashback z gas station


Because of the need for a separate plant with which to serve 150 Clarkston patrons, the Northwest Cities Gas Co. will begin construction this week of a butane, liquifying petroleum works at Fourth and Fair streets, according to D. E. Wolf, Lewiston, district manager. Construction of the Clarkston station, he said, has been necessitated by dismantling of the Lewiston-Clarkston interstate bridge over which the company’s pipe lines have extended from the Lewiston plant since the system was established in 1930.

A building permit issued yesterday sets forth that the new plant will include a 2,500 gallon storage tank and a building to house equipment used in transposing the liquid to gas. D. E. York, Emeryville, Calif., representative of Ranson & Co., has been granted the construction contract, and is in Clarkston making preparations.

Construction of the Clarkston plant marks final disposition of methods three utilities are using in spanning the Snake river. The Washington Water Power Co. has installed its power lines over poles below the new bridge and the Pacific Telephone & Telegraph Co. has installed a submarine cable along the bed of the river immediately below the new span. The utilities had lines installed on the present steel bridge.

"Marking a radical change from the type of gas now being supplied residents of Clarkston, the new butane gas is expected to improve the service and will afford its users a natural gas instead of a manufactured product," said Mr. Wolf. "The change will necessitate a slight alteration of air mixers and other devices and other devices on all gas fixtures to Clarkston. This will be done by the company at no cost to the owners."

The construction contract calls for the erection of a storage tank and a 12×12 iron building with a concrete foundation. The plant is to be surrounded by a fence. All machinery used at the new station will be automatic and will require only the dally check of a worker from the Lewiston plant, according to Wolf.

"The butane gas will be shipped into Lewiston as a liquid to railroad tank cars. It will be transferred to a tank truck at the Lewiston plant and transported to the Clarkston station where it will be placed to the storage tank. The pressure under which it has been kept will be reduced and the liquid will change back into a vapor to be dispensed to Clarkston patrons.

"While natural gas will be distributed to Clarkston residents, the product supplied Lewiston, and Clarkston also at the present time, is a carbonated blue gas more commonly known as water-gas. It is manufactured by generating coal gas and enriching it with gas oil. The present method of manufacturing gas to Lewiston was established in 1930, at which time the manufacture of coal gas was discontinued and a new generating plant was built. A short time later a high-pressure storage tank with a capacity for 50,000 cubic feet of gas was constructed."

The Northwest Cities Gas Co. maintains service in Lewiston, Clarkston, Walla Walla, Yakima, Eugene, Astoria and Springfield, Ore. Including Manager Wolf, six are employed by the company in Lewiston. H. M. Thomas, Walla Walla, general manager of the company, is expected to arrive today to confer with Mr. Wolf.