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I always read TQ was power, the ability to turn that crank and overcome the force or load against it. More TQ overcomes a bigger load. And that HP was power over time. So slightly less TQ could do slightly less maximum work at a time or rpm but that with more HP ie done faster it still might do more work over the same time or at a greater speed.

Said another way, TQ is how much work it will do at a given rpm HP is how fast it will do that work at a given rpm. So if it only needs 400TQ to overcome the force against it but through more HP meets that 400TQ need at 1,000 rpms faster it’s going to get their first.

Yea the small diesel is a nitch motor. Good for 5 to at best 10 percent of the 1/2 ton market. Ford or otherwise. Its not to replace any gas motor but to fulfill the lineup. If you put on a lot of miles especially if you tow frequently but not super heavy then its a great choice for you. Its not however the economic choice for the average 1/2 ton buyer who rarely tows or doesn’t put big miles annually on his truck. When no one was building a 1/2 for this buyer it was no big deal as buyers made due. But when Ram did, it became a profitable nitch market success because it picked up new buyers who wanted a pick up but wouldn’t buy one due to mileage AND because it took market share from Ford GM & lots of Toyota’s due to their terrible fuel economy. I’ve seen lots of this from the beginning through today on the 1500diesel forum. Obviously Ford and GM were not ok with giving up even a relatively small amount of market share.

The mini van was another even greater success for Chrysler. When I had four small children needed utility and mileage it was the bomb. We bought 4 of them over the years. Today smaller familys and marketing has largely killed it. Little league moms bought the pitch that they looked better younger & cooler in an SUV, that they got out of town and did fun stuff like camping and boating. Plus Reagan cut taxes and deregulated the economy and the economic boom made buying an SUV and paying a little extra for fuel no longer a deal breaker. I just hope ill marketing and missed the mark disgruntled buyers don’t kill the small diesel option for the half ton. If entrepreneurs build a better mouse trap hybrids etc for the consumer thats good. But if ideologue gov kills its for their purposes that would suck. For me its as perfect as the mini van was then. I bought one because I wanted to replace my car with a truck but needed better economy to do it. That or let the new truck set in the garage while I daily drive an old beater econobox to work which didn’t appeal to me. Shortly after purchase I stumbled across the transport business and made lemonade with my lemons. I couldn’t make a profit towing with a gasser. It probably wouldn’t be here towing trailers with 425,000 on it either. Well 371k before pushing out a head gasket but you follow me.

Someone mentioned low HP with Ram ED only 240 HP well duh if you need to go fast buy one of the gassers. Don’t bitch and tell the next guy he shouldn’t have one. I have an old hot rod for when I want to go fast. 30 mpg hwy in a capable full size appealed more to me. PPEI has a "race" tune for the ED Ford will be the same. Plug it in and you have 300 HP 530 TQ still not as fast ie as much HP as the gassers but no slouch. Keep your foot out of the turbo and speed down you can still get fantastic economy. With the 10 speed it will tow more than you should with only a half ton platform. Turbo brake simply a software change away helping control your speed down a long grade when a trailer is pushing you is very re assuring. 293,000 out of my original brakes. Ultimately buy what suits your prioritys but to say you can’t see why anybody would want one and why they are selling seems short sighted to me.