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For the past four and a half weeks, I’ve had some sort of gastroenteritis – the first gas efficient cars under 5000 few days I came down with it, I had constant diarrhea, low grade fever, chills, dizziness, nausea, and excessive gas/belching/stomach gurgling, severe stabbing pains in the stomach area.. after the first few days, the symptoms became less severe but become somewhat chronic – I have diarrhea every day, which occurs primarily in the morning shortly after I get up – sometimes for only a couple hours, sometimes until about noon or so – I feel progressively better during the day, although my stomach is bloated, gurgling very loudly with excessive gas, along with very slight afternoon fevers/chills and extreme fatigue all the time (sometimes dizziness too, although that seems to be mostly gone). It seems to go through cycles where for a few days the symptoms will get better, to the point where the diarrhea is almost gone, then the next day it will be back worse than ever. (The diarrhea is just excessively watery, no blood or mucous or unusual colors to it). I still experience upper abdominal pain (sharp, in the stomach area) but in the lower abdomen just slight cramping (generalized) which persists e85 gas stations colorado throughout the day as well. I’ve lost a ton of weight, too, even though I’m trying to still eat normally.

The strange thing is that I know of at least eight different people who all are experiencing the exact same symptoms (right down to the time of day the symptoms occur) who have not recovered yet either. Three of them are co-workers, one is a neighbor, and two work in my OB/GYN’s office, others are people I’ve met in passing, either patients at my office or spouses of friends.. One of them has had it for a week, one has had it for gas and water llc 3 months, the rest are around a month or so. And I must stress they are the EXACT same symptoms. Same morning watery diarrhea, afternoon fevers/chills, sharp stomach pains and generalized cramping, gas/bloating/gurgling and cycles where they feel they are getting better and then get worse again. Everyone in my office came down with it within days of each other (but no one got sick at exactly the same time wb state electricity board bill pay).

I do not spend any time with any of these people outside of work, we never eat the same food or go out to eat together, (we all have very different diets and bring our own lunches) or drink the same water. Most of us live in very different areas, different counties even (we’re all in upstate NY). Most of the people who are sick also have mentioned that their spouses are also sick static electricity bill nye full episode with it.

I have been tested for every food allergy possible – including lactose intolerance and both blood tests and biopsies for Celiac’s – all negative. My basic blood work (blood sugar, CBC) was fine. I have also had a colonoscopy and an ESR blood test to rule out Crohn’s, ulcerative colitis, diverticulitis, etc. – all fine. No immune deficiencies either that we can find.

My doctor is perplexed as there are other people with the same symptoms. She says it sounds like a parasite, but they’re typically not THAT easily transmitted person to person, and we can’t find any common food we may have all eaten, water or daycare centers we may have all been commonly exposed to. (I buy bottled water, my co-workers either have well water or filtration systems at home, my neighbor drinks well water.) No one drinks the water at work kansas gas service login. And while I do work in a dental office, and am exposed to a lot of patients throughout the day, we’re all impeccable about hygiene, handwashing, etc., and everything is up to OSHA standards.

Is there any type of bacteria/virus/parasite that could be transmitted easily person to person that electricity symbols you know of that could cause such prolonged symptoms? Are there any other tests you could suggest? I am going to have a stool culture done, but are there any specific parasites or bacteria I should ask them to test for that they may not test for routinely? Would it be beneficial to ask for a referral to an infectious disease specialist? Like I said, my doctor is stumped, I’m already seeing a gastroenterologist who is also stumped – he said he’d call it IBS except that other people are experiencing the same thing. My neighbor with the symptoms did turn in a stool sample which was apparently negative for bacteria and parasites but I don’t know exactly which ones they tested for. We’ve talked about testing for Hep A and maybe mp electricity bill payment online bhopal even Hep C – could this be a concern, even though no one has gotten jaundice and it’s not spread by casual contact? (Everyone in my office is vaccinated against Hep B).

Even with percocet the abdominal pain is unbearable, modtly ffrom the middle to the lower right side.The abdominal pain is the worst in the morning. I have been to 2 mayo clinics and to many doctors to list, but they never found anything in the tests. I have been searching the internet for years for a solution for years.I decided i had fibromyalgia and told doctors, that was a mistake.

I have recently looked at infectous diseases and i believe i have cronic lymes disease. I found a tick on me a few months before a started getting sick 7 years ago. The symptoms match perfectly. I didnt think i had it before because i didnt get a rash or fever. I recently read 30 % of people dont get a rash. Also doctors seem to think you dont have something gas turbine if you dont have all the symptoms or certain ones. Its not true everyone is different.

Lymes disease gets in your fatty cells in your nerves, lungs, muscles, brain, and bile, so you can have abdominal pain, headaches, sinus problems, muscle pain, memory loss, confusion. I think lyme disease is overlooked alot. Cronic thermal electricity how it works lymes cannot be treated ny antibiotics and requires special treatment. I am going to an infectous disease doctor. I think for people who cant find out what the problem is after years, this is the best doctor to see.

Symptoms include the following – lightheadedness, abdominal cramping, chest pain from indigestion, indigestion, pain in right side rib cage area, air and bloating, gassy, stools (early morning regular then a few loose ones) from 1-4 times a day (the average being 2-3), body aches, joint aches, numbness in legs, vision seems a bit off, chills here and there, headaches, fatigue, feeling thirsty primarily afternoon through evening, and last but not least, right testicular pain (I am a man). Usually this starts off with frequent bowel movements and very frequent urination and indigestion. This will last about a day electricity clipart, then the frequent urination drops off. A few days of abdominal cramping and indigestion and frequent soft stools. The latter half is usually just fatigue, feeling out of it, very minor cramping if any. It can last 4 days to 3 weeks. Each time is different. I have been visiting the doctor and a GI and nothing so far. I know this is something going around hence we are all here. But what is it ?!?!? I took some antibiotics for gas dryer vs electric dryer 3 days called Rifaximin which seemed to really clear me up. But it came back. Maybe I did not have enough antibiotics? I take probiotics daily, have been alternating both vegan and a vegetarian diet the entire time. My wife has it, I think my kids may have it but they are too young to really tell. It does not seem to be contagious but i have no idea. I have had both blood work and stool testing, and they all come back perfect.